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My blood pressure is a bit low. Thats why i only take 10mg a day i only increase if im too anxious and im always anxious.. can i ask if anyone ever feel numbness in the face, especially the left side andmy jaw is sore and as well as my teeth might be the nerves. My fingers sometimes numb also my toes. I got pins and needles all over my body, stomach pain like air inside my tummy rumbling. I have also like tingling all over my head which is some of it are painful.is it all anxiety.. I just had a brain and cervical spine mri its all normal. All blood test came out fine.. about 2 years ago i had heart test, stress, ekg, ecg and 24 hr holter all fine. Endoscopy and gastroscopy, xrays,ultrasound..today, went to the doctor asking for help i breakdown when my son told me last week that mummy everything will be fine. I just cried and my hubby told me to ask some help.. im so sad and well depressed too. So let me know if anyone is feeling this..



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  • You sound anxiety riddled to me.

  • Greyen, you've had a lot of medical tests and they all came back normal. That's good and a lot of people would give their eye teeth to be as physically healthy as you are. That's very good. Even your low blood pressure means you'll probably live to be 100, people with low blood oressure don't get heart disease. But you still have bad feelings and it's safe to say they're all anxiety based. You must have been under a lot of stress and worry for a long time and finally your nervous system has become over sensitised by all the fear you're feeding it with. When that happens it causes all kinds of symptoms, such ad the ones you're experiencing, but Greyen they're all fake symptoms caused by blips in your overloaded nervous system. Here's what to do to recover.

    First stop fighting the symptoms, fighting only causes more stress, and stop testing yourself and obsessing about them, this only produces more fear which keeps your nerves in a state of high anxiety. What you need to do is recognise these symptoms for what they are: fraudulent symptoms which while they cause you worry in fact aren't life threatening, can't turn you into an invalid and can't send you crazy. They are imposters, confidence tricksters and it's time you stopped falling for their tricks and start to recover.

    So instead of fighting and stressing over the bad feelings do the exact opposite: that means accepting them with the minimum amount if fear. When you accept them (for the time being) you stop bombarding your nerves with more fear which keeps them over sensitised. And if you can go on accepting these symptoms and just get on with your life you will lose your fearvof them and eventually your nerves will recover. I know the symptoms are irritating but they can't do you permanent harm and now you know they're fake there's no need to fear them, just consider they"re a nuisance.

    When you stop fearing the symptoms and truly accept them for the time being you are starting down the road to recovery and eventually your nervous system recovers and you recover your quiet mind and life is good again. You can read about how to recover from anxiety using the acceptance technique in a book available from Amazon called 'Hope and help with your nerves' by Claire Weekes. It's worth a read, it'svlife changing and it will explain about how to recover in simple terms. You ARE going to recover from this, Greyen, for your own sake as well ad your son and husband. I wish you well and a full recovery.

  • Thank you for that!! I will buy that book..i went to the gp yesterday and ask for help because i need to cut the cycle of fear dying. Is it worth a shot?? Have u tried therapy? Does it help you?

  • It is a brilliant book you will be so glad you got it.

  • Greyen, you are not going to die, believe me, that is your anxiety talking not your body. I did try therapy, I went for a course at the famous Priory Clinic in London where the celebs go. They gave me cognitive behavioural therapy, it didn't help me but that's just me, if you have the opportunity go for the therapy, it could help you a lot. I recovered using the acceptance method outlined in that book. The same book is also titled 'Self help for your nerves' by the way, you will soon recognise yourself in its pages. Best wishes for your recovery.

  • Hi jeff1943 you are so right I purchased self help for your nerves by Dr Claire weeks.it is a life changer for anyone who has anxiety /panic attacks deppresion etc etc.you are so right you have got to except all the strange symptoms and believe me it can be hard to deal with.but it really does work accepting them until eventually they come less and less and your life becomes your own again.I had CBT few years back and it didn't help me either then ! But I have been having it again recently and this therapist is excellent and has really helped me to see what triggers my anxiety.i live in England to by the way.

  • That's good to know, jessiejakes, that you found Claire Weekes' book was so helpful. After reading that book and the many others she wrote our lives are never the same again.

  • Does it also help stress because i think i have lots of stress in my life...

  • Yes Greyen, Claire Weekes' book addresses stress because too much stress is what causes anxiety. You will find the answers to all your troubles in that book.

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