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Update - health anxiety

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Okay so i've been trying to avoid anything anxiety related so i dont have my mind on it but i though id come here and update you about my previous worries.

I havent been thinking about my worries lately, i somehow managed to get it off my mind and decide i wasnt going to let it take over my thoughts, and it's made me happier. I remember keeping it all bottled up inside me, until one day it just burst. This was in front of everyone at school. But i found that that hectic time, full of crying and worrying is what needed to happen so i could get it all out. After that I began to not worry so much, to not overthink everything. And those 'head pains' i was speaking of in my previous posts have stopped since i stopped worrying and thinking, how's that! So to anyone out there struggling with the same right now, I'm living proof to tell you it's going to be okay. Maybe not now, tomorrow or in a week, but it will be eventually. Trust me x. You just have to find what works for you to keep you calm.

Also huge thanks to Jeff1943 for helping me out a lot! x

(forgot to mention im finally seeing a therapist to see if she will help in any way so yeah!)

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It happened to me today i have hbp and bad anxiety.. been having problems more since i been laid off work. But today i was walking than all if a sudden i almost walked sidewaya and passed out heart rate when up my body fely so scared.. when i got home i broke in tears and yelled so loud this has happen before but not the crying and yelling.. i got all tests done.. only thing came yp was lose weight and that my heaet aint pumping enough oxygen to my.brain

wow i'm sorry to hear that! that's good you got tests done, that way you'll know that you're okay and nothing sinister is happening to your body. But with your condition it's OK to be scared, that's what anxiety is. But just try your best to not feed that fear as that what it lives off, it only makes it worse. Keep yourself busy and distracted. Take it easy, all the best xx

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If your heart isn't pumping enough oxygen to your brain, wouldn't your doctor consider that a problem that needs to be resolved? My brain might not be getting enough oxygen thanks to sleep apnea and it is bad enough for both my doctor and my psychiatrist to refer me for a sleep study. I have all the signs: forgetfulness (almost dementia), chronic fatigue, lethargy, dizziness and lightheadedness time to time, and waking up constantly throughout the night. Once the sleep study is done, I may be able to get a c-pap machine in order to for my brain to keep getting oxygen at night. The sleep apnea may also be the cause of my anxiety and panic attacks, so fixing that should resolve those. Perhaps fixing the heart issue would at least help in resolving some of your anxiety? I don't know, I would suggest asking your doctor about it again. I could understand how being told your heart isn't pumping enough oxygen to your brain can scare you and cause anxiety.

Since I was laid of work it has effected my anxiety so badly. I have managed to get jobs, but my anxiety kicks in as scared going to make mistake, I had to leave my job as in the end could't focus I start another job Monday but only Saturday today worrying for Monday. Since you been laid do you feel your confidence as gone down, have you manage to get job? If so how you managing with anxiety

it's normal to be afraid, worried that you will make a mistake. But what is the point in worrying about the 'what ifs' if you don't know what will happen? You might be fantastic! "'What' and 'if,' two words as nonthreatening as words come. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life." Is a quote i love. Worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening, it just stops you from enjoying the good. I had to remind myself these things everyday, and i would keep myself and my mind occupied, I would go out with friends, take walks, do some meditation and just thought about my worries sometimes and how irrational they seemed. So the more i stopped worrying and over analysing everything, the happier and healthier i became. I still may have a few dark thoughts here and there but no where near as how much i used to. Just take it easy, do what's best for you and you will find your way. Feel free to message me any time you need x

Thank you for replying to me. Yes your advise is helpful. I've started crotchet, meditation too. The trouble I have husband that's so positive it's hard live with as feel like I'm am failing him. I do beat myself up a lot but need attitude I can do.

yes you can improve your attitude so it's a more positive one, it just takes time. I'm sure your husband understands you're going through a rough time. But maybe that positive attitude of his can help you, can inspire you? It can inspire you to be like that, to be positive. :) best of luck!

Yes, he could but don't say much to him how I'm feeling as I think get on his nerves

Well id say to have a night where you seriously talk about it, get his thought on it, describe what you feel and ask his opinion about it. If he doesn’t be there for you and support you, then that’s not good. But i’d say just try so he at least knows what you've been feeling lately. Communication is important

I just called husband tell how my first day work going all he said how's you day ok that's it. Went on next subject. Do you know I happy I found this ap on line as least chat to you all. I've been married for 25 years.

Well done keep it up 😊

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miasouth4 in reply to daisy-17

thank you!!!

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