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Is there anyone else that feels this way?

I used to always feel faint or dizzy but now I just sometimes feel faint or dizzy, but when I do, its crippling. I go until I seriously feel like I have to sit so I don't fall like a tree. The Dr and everyone says its anxiety, but I don't feel anxious at all! Makes me crazy when people say its anxiety, but is there anyone else that feels this way. I've now felt this for roughly 9 months. I don't feel anxious at all though, my hearts not beating fast or anything. Any advice?

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Hope you feel better! It is not fun. How has it changed your life?

Yes me!! Totally know that feeling. Doc kept saying anxiety but Like u I thought something not matching up. Am now at physio and it's coming from my neck, nerve endings all trapped and she said it's not helping with the dizzy spells n feel like am falling. I need to sit down too!! The physio has def helped. Also like make sure ur shoulders are like down . With me at times I hunch a but cause I hate the feelings . Mindfulness is great if u can get into it. You would be amazed at the nerve endings trapped in ur neck!! I was fed up bring told anxiety . Yes anxiety does cause these problems but so do other things. Try get to physio if it's possible. Here if u need a friend x. I get dizzy, feel faint like am going to fall, headaches at back of head one dude. Feel like I don't walk right when this happens. Now onto exercises from physio to release these trapped nerves which block messages to the brain ...hence dizzy, falling feeling x I honestly am not taking anything away from this in anxiety cause I so know these feelings happen in anxiety . I just wonder how many people out there are in need of physio to help their neck, shoulders !! Makes a lot of sense as its ur central mervous system runs through ur spine carrying all messages to ur brain. Even in anxiety we tense up put strain on our central nervous system too causing these probs. def get into mindfulness , will help x

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Yeah, I've often noticed my neck posture has something to do with it too. I work out my neck too so it is definitely tensed a lot. I appreciate the help snow-13.

hi. i am dizzy all the time . dr says anxiety. really hate this

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When this happens, do you feel head pressure? Hope you feel better

You might check out if you have an inner ear disorder. I had crazy symptoms for several years. Finally was diagnosed with an inner ear disorder. They can do simple balance tests on you. The best doctor to see, if possible, is a neurotologist.

You can also check out They have information on signs and symptoms of inner ear disorders. Good luck to you. It took me a while, but I finally found the right doctor. I am lucky.

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Thanks Mandy. I've been to the Ear institute and they say all looks well, but they say I might just be having vestibular migraines. Is your condition chronic?

Yes. I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines finally, after several years of going to neurologists. I was finally sent to a neurotologist. He says I definitely have an inner ear disorder, but none of the MRIs, CT scans, blood tests show anything wrong. The inner ear is so small that they can't really tell what's wrong unless they do surgery, and no one wants to do surgery just to explore, which I agree with. Some days are worse than others, some months are worse than others. What I have come to realize is that when the weather changes, especially in the fall, I am really bad. So air pressure definitely affects me. Riding/driving in a car, especially for long trips is bad; going over mountain passes. So they aren't able to do much for me, but I am at least glad to know I'm not going crazy. I finally know what's causing my symptoms. I have started physical therapy which is helping to retrain my brain, ears and muscles so that hopefully I won't get as dizzy and my eyes will be able to focus more. I get fuzzy/blurry vision, etc. I have come to realize that a lot of people suffer with inner ear disorders and don't get diagnosed for a long time. Reading info on was a big help.

Wishing you the best.

Thank you again for the reply. Funny you mentioned long car rides. I sometimes develop bilateral vertigo after long trips and always after elevator rides.

I constantly feel absolutely awful always told its anxiety. Arm goes week legs ho funny feel like I'm going to die.

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