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Can Someone Help me Better Manage?

Hello there,

About a month ago I was put on Zoloft 50 mg then reduced to 25mg as I was concerned with the reaction I had to it, my body totally rejected both dosages (Felt not in control, had trouble functioning, understanding, nothing felt real I felt extremely trapped and drugged up, not in control of myself) and I was taken off the drug within 4 days of what seemed like a living hell. During this time of my body rejecting the pill my intestines swelled up causing me issues breathing. I went back to the dr and they put me on Rabeprazole 20mg for Acid Reflux which had inflamed my insides while on Zoloft. I have been off Zoloft for a few weeks now and had still been taking the Rabeprazole. I noticed I had been having “Scary thoughts” and developed an unusual fear of Cords and Knives in my home. I started hiding these objects from myself and have been staying in my room everyday pretty much all day since. (Still am and I still hide the objects out of fear and habit). I called the pharmacy and they said for me to go off the stomach pill for a few days to see how I’d feel. The “Scary thoughts” have reduced significantly I still get them pass through but I think it’s out of habitual worrying. I am going to my family dr tomorrow to see if I should be taken off the stomach drug as my body just does not do well with medication. I get big adrenaline rushes daily from my anxiety and have panic attacks quite frequently each lasting about an hour at a time. During my panic attacks I experience confusion and sometimes feel lost. I had about a week of Derealizations really bad but they have diminished. I feel traumatized by how the zoloft made me feel and I am constantly worried I’ll get that “out of control” feeling wash over me again. I feel each day I have been in a dark place and try my best to connect with friends, get outside when I can and setting up treatment for CBT. When I get the adrenaline is when I have flashes of feeling “unsafe” which people have said is common with anxiety. Does anyone have any tips on how I could better manage these issues and feel safe using my whole house again not be confined to my room? Thank you so much

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Ask your physician about the possibility of trying buspirone. It has helped me cope with serious panic disorder/anxiety disorder. It has few side effects. Try exercising and some creative outlets like painting, drawing, sewing, crafts, and exercising. Tell yourself that you

WILL find the right prescriptions and life-style that will allow you to lead a healthy, happy life. Also see where you can do some volunteer work to get yourself out of yourself. It helps to feel that you are able to contribute something to your community. You will feel better, I promise.


I forgot to mention that I have been taking the buspirone for 20, yes, twenty years! It really has helped me, and doesn't have a bunch of side effects.


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