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Can someone help please

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I’ve got scary breathing and tight throat and I’ve had this for 10weeks now 24/7 every second of the day I have had this and it’s not gone,I went for a chest X-ray last Wednesday got my results back

This Wednesday and they’ve come back all clear but I’ve still got this breathing and tight throat also I can feel a tight chest when trying to take a deep breath I’m just wondering cause my lungs are all clear if anxiety can last 10weeks everyday all day without it going away if someone could help that would be great thanks

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That personally sounds similar to when I’m having a panic attack. But that definitely isn’t all day every day. I think part of it might be from anxiety but I’m no expert. I hope you get answers/help soon ❤️

It’s just strange I’ve had my lungs properly checked now and there all clear but still got all this

That’s what I mean anxiety isn’t all day everyday for 10weeks I swear anxiety would come and go if you know what I mean now stay for 10weeks straight

I would try going to a new doctor and explaining it all to him/her. Tell your worries, your symptoms, the tests that have already been done, and previous medical history. I really hope you can get some help 💕

I’ve had no other medical history

Does it not sound like anxiety then to you

Have the same symptoms for the past two months. Except it landed me in er twice because i had my first two panick attacks ever. They did so much blood work, chest xray and chest mri. Nothing wrong. So now i am on 5 mg lexarpo. Symptoms are still there but not as bad. And yes its constant. But I take it day by day and write a journal of my symptoms and any meds I take, even vitamins. And i rate my day good, ok or lousy. Lately i have better and better days. So you can see your progress. Good luck, we can get trough this.

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Noz29 in reply to Leebowles98

I just wrote you a story. My anxiety is there since the 9th of March. And it hasn't stopped ever since. And it's bad anxiety. The one where I can't think straight. I walk up and down my hallway cause I'm so on edge for hours. It's really bad. I thought I was going crazy for weeks in a row. If you hyperventilate and are not aware of it, you can be in a ongoing panic attack. Hyperventilation can occur even if you don't know it. You can get tested for that in the hospital. And hyperventilation brings on panic attacks. It changes your blood and your brain. So yes it can happen. And because it's extreme, you should seek help. Physical and mental help. Drink plenty of fluids, no caffeine for a while, go out everyday to get fresh air. Don't watch the covid 19 news, go to bed early. And see a specialist and therapist. That's my advice. I'm going trough exactly the same thing. For months now.

And I never thought I would suffer anything like this. I'm a fairly grounded person, and I've seen some friends suffer from anxiety and never thought I would receive it. I thought I had my stuff together. Been going trough extreme stress the last couple of years. Lost loved ones, got ill, unable to work, lost my job, my partner received an illness.. But I was still going strong... So I thought.. I am not. To me these panic attacks are so physical that they do scare the shizzle out of me.

To me your story sounds similar. But I'm no doctor. So always get it checked out. Taking very good care of yourself in every way possible is the beginning of the healing process. And if it's panic disorder it'll take a long time. But it's possible.

Anxiety can be there all day every day. So I don't agree that it comes in waves for everyone. The panic attacks come in waves but the anxiety can be so severe that after these attacks have happened , you go back into anxiety instead of a calmer state. So you're always on edge. Especially when you hyperventilate and are unaware of that. It's a Neverending cycle. Hyperventilation can be very suble. I suffer from both chronic and acute hyperventilation syndrome. Since the 9th of March. And it s*cks. Get educated about it and you'll find out anxiety and panic disorder shows itself differently in everyone. Chest pain and tightness and feelings of suffocation are my main symptoms as well.

My wish for you is to feel better soon. But you can't sit around and wait. You need to take action. I'm assuming the chest pain is still there?

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Leebowles98 in reply to Noz29

Thank you so much for your useful

Information that’s my problem not understand what anxiety can actually don

dont worry if u get all clear for other medical issues . if you have a good check up for your heart and other suspecting issues all cleared shld calm down some simple relax breathing workout breathe with holding breath - like taking a deep breath n slowly releasing the air like you are a baloon letting go and repeat slowly while you relax tell yourself when letting out air that you are letting out bad air from your chest a d breeathing in telling your brain u bring new oxygen to the brain n whole body to get rid of the pain n push bad air out ...repeat till u feel very relax ..u can place your palm onto your tummy to feel the air in n out during the process ..this will get you feeling in the motion of replacing bad air with fresh ones ..after 21 cycles you will feel your whole body very relax n no tension at all .and practise this daily or whenever u feel uptight in chest . sametime review your daily activities listen to music talk to friends or family members laugh .enjoy eating healthy food ..think of good things you want to do .seek help for anything u need if u cant do it yourself ..n above all trust the Lord ..pray for guidiance n protection up ..draw up a plan to do physical exercise go out run walk jog run if you get green light from doctor me you will overcome sooner than later but let me tell you you may get the same feeling when GAD attack but not to worry if u identify the signs of attack u can overpower them

u must be the boss .n you will win over time .GAD is always around but u cab be the master .trust me . i use to be in the same boat n now i can run easily 7 km a day and that is power that can give you the endorphin to overcome GAD ...general anxiety disorder ..try it it works

Hello there Lee. I'm Dutch and I joined this UK forum cause I can't seem to find relatable stories on the Dutch ones. But your story is my story. I've been having tight chest, hyperventilation, panic and feelings of chaos since the beginning of March. It suddenly arose. It's only on my right side. Chest feels so tight and I can't catch a breathe or take deep breaths. I've been living in panic attacks every since. On a daily basis. I've never had them so I'm scared something is wrong with my body. I've had several tests done, visited the ER 5 times. I got different diagnosis which one of em was costochondritis. But I did have a 6 week fever. So then the covid 19 diagnosis came. But no tests. I'm an asthma sufferer so I was gutted they didn't test me. I'm 35 and their explanation was they didn't have tests and I didn't belong in the risk group. Uhhh what? I have asthma. But I finally got a test in may. Too late offcourse. So it was negative.

I got an anti body test as well last week. Negative. So covid is ruled out then I guess. Which I'm still not sure about. Cause no specialist can explain the 6 week fever. But it all tends to move towards panic attacks and severe anxiety now. I hyperventilate really bad. I never did before. It's the entire day. And in the beginning I felt disconnected and in a psychosis. Like I wasn't here. That has lasted for weeks. I was walking on clouds. Heavy scary dark clouds. Hyperventilating my way trough. Being very on edge and nervous and rushed. Didn't sleep for days. I'm visiting multiple specialists. Took me months to make appointments. But they can't seem to find anything.

I'm going to be checked out for GERD I think, and a bicycle test for my heart. And then there's nothing else they can do for me. While I'm experiencing this every day. I'm highly anxious. And without a reason. And that's so typical for a panic disorder aparantly.

So I do think you might as well are suffering from panic disorder like me. (I've kind of diagnosed this myself now) . Cause after 10 weeks on a daily basis you can call it a problem/disorder. In my view. We do live in very stressful times and I think this was the final straw for me. I've been stressed before covid happened. But it pushed my anxiety over the edge and I might as well developed a real panic disorder now.

How are you doing now? It's always a good idea to get everything checked out asap. They can be managed with breathing excersises, psycho therapy and excersises combined with rest. I'm seeing a speech therapist to learn breathing techniques. It takes a lot of practise. And it still happens everyday. But it will lessen. I'm sure.

Take care.

I've been exactly the same since May bank holiday. Ended up on Amu with shortness of breath my d dimer was 538 they thought I had a clot in my leg. Ultrasound was clear, chest xray clear, doctor listened to my chest it's clear. They put it down to asthma, I've been on a fostair inhaler twice a day and I think it's working. They are saying they don't think I'm asthmatic as my peak flow is 450. I have had about 9 good days in a row where I felt back to my normal self, today I feel like an elephant is crushing my chest. Even things like wearing a bra leave me short of breath like my lungs can't expand properly. It's awful the doctors have told me Its anxiety and I'm not an overly anxious person. It just suddenly hits me especially if I think about it I make myself worse! The anxiety leaves me tired some days I find just trying to distract myself and take deep breaths throughout it helps me

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