Please I Need Someone To Help ME, I'm freaking out

Long story short I was with this guy intimately, I realized what I did was stupid and wanted to be tested for everything and I was, and everything was fine, everything came out normal. Then one day I took a supplement while I was starving containing many amino acids, and immediately after I felt like death, and 14 days later I still feel like death. Like I'm having dizzy spells, trouble with eye focus (double vision), hallucinations, body itching, mood swings, breathlessness, tingling around my face which causes my ears to feel tight, tight jaw, imbalance, hunger goes on and off, I get woken up from my nervous system, under my eyes feel swollen and went to my doctor she said it was allergies, body feels hot on the inside, muscle aches and spasms, right now my mouth has a sweet taste, my pee also has bubbles in it, and I have sudden allergic reaction to certain foods for example for some foods I can feel the tingle sensation up my nose, and on my tongue. These symptoms go interchangeably during the day, and has been happening ever since I took the supplement.


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  • Try some antihistamines and maybe see your doctor if it isn't settling

  • Thank you, I will try that. but I have to ask you do you think I'm dying? do you think there's a relationship between the supplement and this guy? do you think I have something?

  • I can't see there can be any possible link

  • I mean I took all tests again just to be safe but I don't know goldie11 I feel like this is it for me, and trust me I don't feel like I'm over exaggerating. But its okay I have made peace with it. If these blood tests don't turn out the way I want them too, it is alright. I have lived a great life, the only thing I wish I wanted was to get married to the one I love and have a baby preferably a girl named Norah.

  • Hello I know something that might just help you. Ive recently discovered Mindfulness, been doing a free course on it and its helped me relax more. Its about just focusing on the now and bring present. Please have a look into this and give it a try ;xD

  • There is absolutely nothing from any tests or examination you have had to support this idea. You must stop this thinking

  • If I get news back that I'm dying, I will thank you for your services goldie11, and I will tell my mother I love her, tell my sister to keep being wonderful, and my dog that I will see her again, and my dad that deep down I love him with all my heart. Then I will pack my bags and take a long bus ride to the middle of nowhere. And I am not over exaggerating.

  • Hi there sweetie. I'm going to start this w a prayer. Because u sound exactly like I did when I was terrified in the beginning of my horrible anxiety panic and clinical depression. Dear perfect Father. I ask you right this very second in the name of Jesus to reveal the truth of your love to this amazingly strong child of yours. Impart in them your wisdom and peace. Shine light into their darkness. And hold them tight in your grace and mercy. Let them learn Through this momentary lesson that they can trust in you and grow into the roaring lion you created them to be for your names sake. Amen. Hi. You are going to be ok. This is not going to overtake your life. These times in our lives that wake us up for the first time to the thoughts of our immortality. It freaks us out. Mine started w a cold n cough that just stuck around for months. Then bam. Panic and anxiety. Which spiraled into clinical depression. Every freaking symptom in the book and more. U name it. I had it. My body mind and spirit were Oman uproar that I knew would kill me. And a couple years later I laughed because I came through it kicking butt. And so will you. Ask God. Hey God. Will you guide me to the root cause. Now that I know I'm not going to drop dead or go into a mental hospital from this. Help me God to get to the root of my fear. So be it. In Jesus name. Whew . Your going to be ok.

  • 2670 Thank you for your prayer, I don't know you but you mean the world to me right now. I got all my results back all negative. Thank you lord, Jesus, I will Obey him for as long as I live. Thank you so much.

  • Hi. Amen. I'm so happy. It's all going to be over soon. The suffering u feel is temporary. Our brains can really trick us. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy. We need to tell him to go away. In the name of Jesus. I've tried to bow down to other gods. Like alcohol sex men comfort foods. I've thought things could help. But the only time I've ever had real peace. Real joy in the middle of my pain. Real meaning. Was when I called out on Jesus. When I read about who He is. That He gave us the Holy Spirit to guide comfort n lead us to victory. It made all the difference. I'm set free. The truth set me free. Other storms will come. Cry out to Him. He will rush to you. Talk to Him. He will tell you what to do. Be still. It's hard. Lol. But try. Be still. And know He is God. Love you. I mean it. I do. I'm here.

  • Hey. How are you doing ?

  • Perhaps you build up hypochandria by over thinking things

  • I hope so. These symptoms however all came at me at the sametime, I don't know if thats a good thing or bad thing but still on the verge of complete psychotic break.

  • certainly it sounds like a psychological rather than physical problem and that seems the direction to look for treatment

  • I'm so sorry to hear this.. where did you buy this supplement? Please let go of the guilt re that guy, we are humans, not robots. You have paid the price not that you have to, with your guilt, please try and move on. We all make nistakes. Yes, see your doctor. Pm anytime

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