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panick attacks someone help me feel down


Hi i have been suffering from terrible panic attacks i have a fear of sleeping at night my heart pounds and wake up with sweat pooring i have terrible shakes even throughout the day i keep thinking it is my heart and the pains in my chest have been terrible for days i am feeling so distressed with it all now i went to hospital and they did a chest xray and ecg and said i am fine but have these scary scary feelings i feel as tho i am not on this earth and cry and cry all the time someone help x

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Hello, wen u say u feel like u r not on the earth think ur on about feeling detacted from ur surroundings? Like ur in ur own world. I felt that way day and nite and was an horrible feeling. Have u been to c ur gp? It really wud help u. The chest pains is the anxiety, its hard when its there but it will get better. This may sound stupid but if u try not tothink about it, it will go. Hard yes but its the way forward xxx

My life is completely consumed by anxiety but I'm finding a tiny amount of strength and hope to build on this.

Have you a little ray of something that you can hold onto, a ray of light that will grow?

There will be better days, there will be good days.

Please take care.

Ah thanks guys these last 5 weeks i have been out of my mind with worry the only things keeping me going is my 3 lovely children but i feel i have neglected them with these scary thpugnts my mind wont stop thinking of the bad things and i feel withdrawn and so depressed i have not even been able to drive and when i do i get this huge fear my sleep has been affected and am so drained all the time i get arm pains and feels like cramp and very weak i am so glad i can talk to such nice people who understand how i feel scared weak and alone xx

Hi Sheffieldwed,

It's so awful when you're in the grip of anxiety like this.

Please be reassured that you are not on your own. Read through some of the older posts on here and you see how common it really is.

Keep posting and welcome to the site :)

Best Wishes,

I have read these messages and can say that I feel the same, not on this earth my life is so full of anxiety and cry everyday of my life, I have had this anxiety for many years, and been on many meds, and still am but they do not seem to work after a time, but the hospital will not change them,

My biggest worry is my husband has Altizheimers bad, and I could never put him in a hope, he sleeps all the time, and they have given me a hospital bed for him to help him, I am so worried about him, he does not speak now, or walk, I live in the past, and my heart beats like yours, and some days I cannot get up, Oh to have him back as he was, I understand you so well from Lindenlea

Hi lindenlea

I am sorry to hear your dear husband has Altzheimers. I retired last year after being a Deputy Manager of a specialised Dementia Home so I understand the pain you are feeling having seen so many loved ones trying to bear the loss of losing to this terrible illness.

Many have descibed it as a bereavment from which they are unable to move on.

You sound like a wonderfull devoted wife who has such lovely memories of your life together. Only you can make the descisions about your husbands care, but please try to take some time to fufill your needs to help you cope . My heart goes out to you.

Its the here and now that matters with those having Dementia. I used to take residents on trips and for 2 or 3 hours they would have a wonderful time, then if I ask them 5 minutes after returning home did they enjoy the trip, many would say "what trip" but for the time they were out I know they were so happy.

Thinking of you xx

Still trying to cope laid here in bed all night have been wet through with sweat and the most terrible nausea feeling is this normal or is it to do with meds i am so getting down with all this thanks for your support guys xx

Hi love

What your feeling is all the horrible symptoms of Anxiety.Try not to think that there is something terribly wrong with you but accept it is just your Anxiety.

The sweats,trembles,chest pain etc always mimic the symptoms of Heart Attack which sends us over the edge. The nausea is a common symptom and is the bodies response to dealing with the need to lighten the body (by vomitting) in its response to fight or flight.This is the same as feeling the need to open the bowels when we Panic its to lighten the body to run away or give our predator(The Panic Attack) a foul smell (like a skunk). Its your bodies way of protecting you.

Dont be afraid to ask us anything on this site. We will not judge or think you are crazy as we can all empathise with you

Keep in touch


Thankyou i am getting no help with this here and feel like i need to be put in some mental home the feelings are so awful and night is so long with the sweating and nausea i am trying to accept it but finding it so hard esp as no one understands me my mind is like a ticking box and still fear these feelings and feeling ill is not normal but its nice to meet such lovely people who understand the horrible time i am experiencing xx

Hi Sheffieldwed,

Sorry to read about your 'horrible time'. I know it may seem to you that it's easy for others to try and give advice when you're, I'm sure telling yourself they don't know what I'm going through. No one else has had these feelings. Believe me we've had them and come out the other end.

Please go and see your GP and explain EVERYTHING to the GP. Since you've been to Hospital for some tests I take it that you had to be referred there by your GP to begin with. Please don't stop there. This is the first step for you to eliminating health issues that may frighten you.

Once you find that there is nothing physical out of place, then you can start on the emotional issue. FEAR is a soul eater, but it can be sent to the back boiler, out of the way.

A good counsellor these days are worth their weight in gold. It's a step by step process.

When you can't sleep, some good advice my HB gave to me was, if you can't sleep, just rest. At the time I thought 'It's alright for you' as he could sleep on a clothes line. This was when I had my 3rd baby, and he wasn't a well baby. But, by taking things a day at a time, things alter and get better.

My baby is now 40 years old, so you'll get there.xxxx

Ah thankyou henige i am trying to cope but finding it so hard i do feel alone with these fears esp at night when its dark and quiet i do sleep a little but wake up with such horrible sweats from head to toe and feel so sick i feel like my stomach is working overtime with my heart beating so fast they are really scary feelings i have been taking citropran for the last 4 days but dont feel any better and when night comes i feel the panic and fear come i use to love my bed and now i dread going i feel better having comfort from you all and before felt like i was going mad with these feelings thankyou for all your support i really appreciate it xx

And thankyou everyone you are all so nice and feel like i can ask you anything i have never understood panic attacks when people said they had them but i sooo symnpathise with people now and have learnt that its always good to support those who need you xxx

hi,ive found reading any books on anxiety help you understand whats happening to your body and except that you are ill. also when im having a panick attack i repeat the word calm it will pass and take deep breaths but your are not alone all we can do is deal with it the best way we can.take care.

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