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I wanted to post about anxiety and depression and some things I've noticed about it. If you feel that it doesn't resonate with you, just skip that section. I hope that this post can help a select few~

:. Things that can cause anxiety and depression .:

Mental Overload:

Everyday we deal with stressors, be it small or large. Everything adds up. Most people push their issues in the back of their mind and never deal with it. Think about it... If you never deal with your issues, and you go about your daily life for years, that's several years of piled up things that could all hit you at a sensitive time in your life. So that test you're worried about, could trigger the death of your close pet that happened a few years ago, loosing your best friend, or that illness that scared the crap out of you. Soon that test is a big mountain, and it's about to cause a rockslide of emotions and stress.

So you have to deal with your problems, no matter how horrible they are. Remember, there are people who can help you do this and you are never alone.

I've always said, 'Sometimes there is a huge pile of trash in your life. But if you're never willing to jump straight in, you may never find that one piece of beauty in your life. Sometimes that beauty is just your sheer strength to move on, and push through all the debris that is your stress.’


If you're like me, you care too much for people and animals. You focus on their issues and pains more than your own. But sometimes anxiety comes in and makes you only focus on yourself, which can change who we are, the person who cares deeply for others. This causes us to sometimes loose ourselves and it can make us detach from ourselves and others. Which causes more anxiety! It's a vicious circle. So what's the best way to fix it? BALANCE! Learn that it's okay to focus on yourself once in awhile. We can't always help others. Learn that it's okay to not focus on your anxiety, so you can take time to help others.

There's also a nasty side effect of being empathetic to others. You FEEL their pain, mental/physical issues, and make it your own. Which causes you to believe that these are your feelings.

I know when I was in the hospital, I was deeply concerned for this girl in my room. She snored horribly and called out in her sleep with pain. I began to get small stabbing and shooting pains running up and down my left arm. I instantly thought, 'Well s**t, here comes my stroke.' But it never happened, the pain just kept coming. The next morning at breakfast, she shared that she was having the same pain in her arm. Next thing I knew, when she went home, this pain stopped for me. I'm not sure what causes this, but it's happened to me several times in the past. I believe it's a big reason I'm bad in crowds, I get overloaded with emotions and physical feelings that I know aren't my own. But some people aren't able to figure out if these feelings and sensations aren't their own, therefore causing MORE anxiety. Just a possibility, and maybe read up on Empathy.

Vitamin Deficiencies/Hormonal issues:

Sometimes when your body doesn't have enough vitamins, it can cause a whole lot of complications. Some simply being anxiety itself. Others being scary symptoms that mimic serious conditions. So that muscle twitching, heart pounding, or vibrating sensation inside you (Just to name a few) could easily just be vitamins that you need more of. Always ask your doctor if you could get tested for deficiencies.

This also goes for hormonal imbalances. This goes for both men and women, so get your thyroid checked or a simple 24/h urine test.


Sometimes the medicine given to help the anxiety, causes more anxiety. Not just the anxiety itself, but scary symptoms that could trigger it. So if you feel your medicines are out of whack, or aren't helping, talk to your doctor. NEVER quit abruptly.


I'm sure you have heard of this from watching those ghost shows, but it's actually quite real. EMF stands for Electro magnetic fields, and some people are sensitive to them. Sometimes being in an area with a lot of electrical things, can cause a lot of odd things.

Such as: Nervous system symptoms, like fatigue, stress and sleep disturbances.

Skin symptoms, like facial prickling, burning sensations and rashes.

Body symptoms, like pains and aches in your muscles.

Eye symptoms, such as burning sensations.

Foggy thinking and depression.

A variety of less common symptoms, like ear, nose, and throat symptoms and digestive disorders.

Phone have a nasty tendency to shoot off a lot of EMF and other nasty things. So never sleep near or with one.

Your Gut:

Just your stomach being off can cause anxiety. It's called the brain gut connection. Having IBS, or just regular stomach discomfort could cause many symptoms.

Such as: anxiety, anger, sadness, depression, muscle cramps/twitches, heart palpitations (Both slow and fast heart rates), brain fog/spacing out, and blood pressure issues. The list could be as big as anxiety symptoms.

Look at it this way. We need nutrition and our minerals. But when our gut is messed up, we aren't getting those two things we need. Which causes a load of symptoms and makes our anxiety come out and say a big hello. So your gut could cause the vitamin deficiencies, which could cause a lot of symptoms of those.

Contact your doctor if you have a history of stomach issues or have taken a lot of antibiotics. Antibiotics mess with the guts bacteria, and can cause more harm than good when getting rid of that nasty cold. Sometimes it's as easy as taking a probiotic to help get your gut better.


Sometimes anxiety just needs to be accepted. Talk to it, let it know you see it and feel it. That you accept it as part of you, and you know you will overcome it. Anxiety is literally like that one person who tags around your best friend that annoys you. You groan and have a moment of, 'oh god not this again.' Then you go about your day with your friend. That annoyance that tags around talks and makes you mad every now and then, but they soon leave. Anxiety is the same way. Sometimes talking to that annoyance of a friend could clear things up, same with anxiety.

:. Things that can help with anxiety and depression.:

Acceptance, social interaction, medications, meditation, yoga, exercise, music, animals, creative outputs, tea, vitamins, aroma therapy, cbt, essential oils, hypnotherapy, faith, socializing, friends and family, reading, video games, movies, etc.

I really enjoy helping my anxiety and depression with humor. I will admit that sometimes that humor is dark to others, but that’s just me. So as long as your way is helping you, not harming you or others, then go for it~

At the end of the day, when everything goes black and you're about to fall asleep. What are you going to think about? What are you going to paint on that black canvas? Sometimes just going to bed and looking back at your day, becoming positive and finding the good in the bad, then painting a picture in your mind helps you sort things out.

I hope this helps at least someone today. I will add more to this when stuff comes to me.

Remember: If you or anyone else is dealing with anxiety or depression, YOU’RE not alone! There are so many ways for you to get help. You’re loved, cared for, listened to, encouraged, and strong. But most of all, you are you! Mental illness doesn’t define you, it’s simply just a part of you that you can overcome :)

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A great post! 😊 as you point out there can be different things causing someone’s anxiety! In my case I believe it could be from the fact that as far back as I can remember I’ve had a stressful life because of many different things happening..and also that this past year after having flu like symptoms I got a bad headache which I had 24/7 for seven months it turns out I was bit by a tick and got something called babesia so anyway they give you meds that are for malaria which have been shown to not work on that illness and because of that i had reactions to both meds which in turn gave me panic attacks that turned into anxiety which hasn’t stopped since :(

Anyway sorry for the long explanation 😬


Great food for thought. Thank you!


Fantastic to read this. Thank you

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