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Alcohol & Anxiety/Depression

I have only joined this site today and read a handfull of comments, and almost all of them have mentioned alcohol.It seems there's a lot of self-medicating or plain old "running away/hiding" going on.

I have had anxiety/depression as long as I can remember. I am also a recovering alcoholic.

Drinking will only make your condition worsen,but only 100% of the time. It's a vicious circle that lead me to the brink of destitution and suicide.It produced paranoia, temporary schizophrenia and suicidal ideation.

If you have the slightest concern about the amount you are drinking see your g.p. immediately.

I'm 47 and nearly lost everything and wasted my life.

Now I am sober my viewpoint has turned 180. I'm physically and mentally improving every day.I have recently begun a course of sertraline and despite the side effects I can see the positve.

There's a lot of good people out there ready to help you. There are various agencies specifically there for you.Ask your g.p. he/she can refer you. Engage as much as you can and get free. Remember, people can and do get better all the time.You might not be able see this from where you are and it can all seem hopeless but that is just the illness talking.

Enjoy your drink if you like one but don't use it as a solution. It isn't and it can be deadly.

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Agree with every word Gav...............nice one

I no Gav , been there , 21 years sober now , still sorting out the anxiety though , but I no I will get there ;)



im there now

in reply to blue01

Hi blue

where are you at love ? drinking ,sober , say more so we can help



Dear Gav1965,

Welcome to this site. It is lovely to have you join us.

Kindest regards,


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Thank you Marcus

Never a truer word spoken Gav! Well said indeed :)

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Thank you.

It's nice to hear from you.

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pamb67 in reply to starblaze

love ur dog

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pamb67 in reply to starblaze

love ur dog

Lots of true words and good advise gav

Keep us updated on your progress

H2b x ??

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Thank you.

I'm very well today.I hope you are too!

Hi and welcome to the site gav, i agree with you about self medicating with alcohol. It doesn't work for me as i could knock myself out on a night with it.....but the mornings were absolute hell! I have not had a drink for three months for that reason. I am not an alcoholic but i know people who are and they don't seem to have a grip on reality and i can't tell wether they are drunk or sober! Its not for me and besides alcohol is a depressant! and iv'e got enough to cope with with the damn depression lol rant over, and keep posting xx

ruby x

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Thanks for the warm welcome Ruby.

Yes, alcohol's a vicious trap.

I hope you recover from your depression soon.

Be kind to yourself.


well done for coming off drink and you speak alot of sense u sound like u have come along way and show alot of strength and wisdom I think its great

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