Diagnosed With Intra Atrial Septal Aneurysm on Echocardiogram

Well, this has to be my worst nightmare! I just got my Echo results last Wednesday, and now have to wait for another type of Echo (bubble test) to see if I also have an Atrial Septal Defect (hole in the heart). These pretty much go hand in hand.

I was told that the IASA is a very rare defect - trust me!

I had to have my CPN out for a home visit yesterday, as my anxiety has now gone inter stella. The only thing I can do is PRN diazepam to get some relief. My psych. has said to take 2mg as and when needed, or I can increase to 5mg occasionally if things get really tough.

This is truly pants, and not what I was expecting.......The 'cure' for the ASD is open heart surgery.

If anyone's listening 'upstairs' - can you please just cut me some slack?!? Cheers.......😒


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  • Tempestteapot, I'm sorry to hear that, but first things first. It is a very rare issue. Just because something goes hand in hand with a diagnosis, try to stay afloat until you have the Bubble Echo. Taking the Diazepam will help some but the rest will have to come from you. Fear can overtake our medications meant to calm us. Breathe...

    I certainly will say a prayer for you but you need to believe in yourself and your doctors. One day at a time. Please keep us updated. As always, you know that the forum is here to support you through good and bad times. Wish you well with the upcoming test. xx

  • I’m so sorry you didn’t get the outcome you hoped for with the test. I can understand how you feel. I know nothing I can say would really ease your anxiety right now, but maybe allow yourself to start thinking that you have an answer. You have a treatment plan and a path to a better healthier life. I’m sure it’s frightening but just allow yourself to find some kind of comfort. Reach out to your friends, and family. Reach out to people here. You’re not alone. Take advantage of all the support and well wishes coming your way. I’m sending many positive thoughts and much love your way.

  • Hi, I had an echo in May and cardiographer said all was ok, fast forward 4months to review with cardiologist & he casually informed me I have an ASD! But not to worry! Like you said, how can you not?? They think mine is congenital, what about you? If it helps, he was adamant that they only ever require surgery if blood is flowing back between chambers? & hole sizeable (Was that mentioned to you?) try to stay calm/positive until other tests carried out, easier said than done I know, but you are not alone. Stay strong 😀

  • Bless you both, Agora and Christory for taking the time to reply with your very kind words! It really means a lot.☺ xxxxx

    Wow, Doris! So we're in a similar boat! Do you also have the aneurysm? Yes - I was told its congenital too! I'm also getting nasty episodes of SVT (of course, I was told this was purely anxiety previously) and my aneurysm has ballooned from what they think it was at it's 'stable' state previously (goodness knows how they know this as they've only just found it)!

    I'm getting my 72 hour tape this week, to monitor what the heart is doing whilst I'm active. I think that's pretty standard.

    It's great to know that you were told that that surgery isn't always necessary - that gives me some hope.☺ How do you feel in yourself? I've been feeling increasingly exhausted this last 6 months, but put that down previously to another of anxiety's nasty little tricks. How are you managing your anxiety? Sending you hugs! xxxxx

  • Hi, I’m managing the anxiety day by day, trying to keep things as “normal” as possible! No mention of an aneurysm, yet! I don’t know what to think anymore, there was no mention of a “hole” in May & then in September there was! Going for the second opinion I think! Had my 48hr trace two weeks ago and heard nothing! So I’ll be chasing again, these consultants don’t realise what effect a diagnosis can have on someone when it’s “heart” related! Keep me posted on your next stages & please take relief that your not alone😀xx

  • Hi thank you for your message and support.i had bubble echo and I have hole in the heart and mitral valve prolapse.its frightening but you don't always need open heart surgery.as a nurse I've worked with cardiac patients having valve relplaments .medcine is moving on and it can be managed with meditation and monitoring.keep strong xxxx

  • Oh thank you so much, BB! That's really good to know. ☺ xxxx

  • Big hugs 🤗 to u keep strong xxx

  • Thank you so much, BB - you're a sweetheart! I really do hope your trip goes ok for you.☺ xxxx

  • Had a canny day my friend been to vist so been to costa .was hard going out as my anxiety had me awake half the nite.but I did it .with all the support we give each other makes me a little big stronger.xx

  • That's brilliant, BB! Today you've shown the 'anxiety beast' who is REALLY the boss! Well done.☺ xxxx

  • Oh bless you, Doris! Yes - Consultant's are very 'matter of fact' aren't they? Let's stay in touch, as we have a similar situation going on. I think anything heart related has to be an anxiety sufferer's worst nightmare, but we just have to try to keep our cool as best as we can right now (very hard, I know)! Hugs! xxxx

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