Just started exercising

So I just started Exercising because in the past is helps with my anxiety issues. But recently I have had a fear of exercising because I feel like my heart is going to give up. I have had numerous EKGs wore a holster monitor and had a echo done. There was one issue that they found on the echo but my doctor wasn't concerned and told me that with diet and exercise everything should be OK. So I got a personal trainer even though it was a big fear of mine and started to train with him today my chest has been hurting I fell for squeezing in my chest and I'm sure it's just from training but mine Anxiety is through the roof and I think it's my heart I don't want to go back to the ER because I've been there twice this month. Any help or device on trusting what the test results have told me that my heart is fine


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  • Is just u worrying about it...Hugs to you praying for u💓

  • Thanks..: I seriously want to find a few people to talk too that have had a heart attack and ask them how they knew I know it's different for everyone but my panic goes straight to my chest and I always think I'm having a heart attack.

    But I'm not letting that stop me I'm facing my fear which is fearful but still exercising

  • I have the exact same as you. My anxiety over heart is unbelievable. Just went for a walk/jog as it's meant to help isn't it? It's made me 10x worse. So many pains in chest under armpits now. I can't deal with this

  • I hate it for you bc I know how it feels but I'm glad I'm not alone in this. My husband tries to be understanding but he doesn't get it and I don't want him too. I just had a baby 6 months ago so I know my hormones play role

  • You sound just like I was, and actually still am to some extent. I had ecg's, blood work, echo stress test, 48 hour holter monitor, troponin test. Just about a complete in depth cardio workup. My results?! Completely normal nothing at all wrong with me they said! Which is great, and did wonders the first few weeks, but eventually I started wondering about what I was feeling and why. You just HAVE to trust your doctors, and realize yes anxiety can cause all these problems. Not only that, the more you think about them, or more scared you are. It's likely the feelings will be worse and more often. Just hang in there and trust that you are healthy!

  • Thank you for your reply it really helps to know I'm not alone. I'm starting to think I'm going crazy but I refuse to let this fear get to me which is why I started going to a personal trainer. I figured if I were to have a heart attack he at least knows cpr and they have a shocker machine in their gym lol. But I'm hoping the more times I exercise it will click with my brain that I am fine and healthy. I mean 3 years ago I was running 1/2 marathons with no worries. Two kids later and I'm scared to death

  • You certainly are not alone! I had an ablation to cure a heart arrhythmia in March, all was successful but I've been left with crippling anxiety! Back & forth to ER, ecg's bloods & now an echo, all normal but I just can't get used to not been aware of my heart rate now! Can't win! I too am trying exercise love being able to run without HR going up too high but panic as soon as I feel slightest twinge, having thyroid issues as well not helping, viscous circle but I keep reminding myself what my Arrythmia specialist said " you will know if your having a heart attack! One way or another your body will tell you! Stay positive 😃

  • Yes I know what you mean, I use to work out 5 days a week. Thought nothing of it at all. Would work out for 2 hours at a time be out of breath and heart pounding and didn't mind. Now if I get like that at times (because I have got better), I'm thinking what is going on and why. Just try to trust the experts, and don't let this horrible thing we have win!

  • That is the goal to not let it win. It's just so hard sometimes. I take a Xanax before every exercise to keep me claim. But cut it down to .25 mg yesterday

  • It is horrible.

  • I have the same problem. I recently started having panic attacks in April, and even though my heart has been thoroughly checked, I'm scared to exercise. I have a hard time believing the doctor and I also get chest pains from anxiety.

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