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Right just spoke to my cardiologist over the phone about my results he said my heart echo scan was normal and so was my 48hour ecg monitor I had in January time I just told him how frightened I was when I get heart flutters n eptopic beats he said that a lot of people get them just don’t notice them because I have anxiety it’s worse he also said that he was going to give me a stress test and a loop recorder test to put my mind at ease but he is sure they will come back ok to, he said that what I’m going through in life right now can make the heart race and do some crazy stuff he knows that it’s scary but it’s normal

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That's great news Kaaayla! I'm really pleased for you, you must be relieved x

Hello :-)

I would be so happy if my Cardio had given me such positive news , I hope you are and it is really good he is letting you have the extra tests and seems to know how anxiety affects us which is a rarity with Doctors so you are lucky he understands and is going to do them and they will be ok and when you get those back saying so you have to start working really hard with your anxiety because I think this fear has stolen enough of you now and it is time to kick it up the you know what :-/

You are going to be fine think yourself very lucky you have the all clear :-)

Take Care x

Kaaayla in reply to lulu-1

I know I’m going to work hard to get through this now! I know I can do it if I put my mind to it!! Just a lot of stress atm with mum but just take each day as it comes.. hope everything is ok with you lulu!!!!


lulu-1 in reply to Kaaayla

Hello :-)

I know you can do it to I have every faith in you I really do !

Of course we understand the pressure you are under but if you can start to believe that is the cause and I am sure that lovely consultant is 100% sure your heart is fine then you can work on these feelings and accept them knowing pressure as you are going through is the course and nothing else :-)

Not doing well at all myself but good to see your good news and so pleased for you :-) x

Kaaayla in reply to lulu-1

Well uno I’m a message away if u ever need someone to talk to! Don’t suffer alone ❤️❤️.. also Thankyou xxxx

lulu-1 in reply to Kaaayla

Thank You :-) x

This is good news. Glad cardiologists can keep you informed of what you need.

I hope that put your mind at ease. Whenever you get chest pains and heart palpitations, just remind yourself that you are physically healthy and it’s your anxiety ❤️


I get Ectopic beats every day and just ignore them.. have had them for 30 years. At first they frightened me. You get used to it over time, tons of people get them x

Hi Kaaayla, I am happy to hear you got the all clear from the cardiologist. Sounds

like he is a very caring physician and willing to do anything he can to reassure you

during this stressful time.

In your situation, taking one day at a time is the best you can do for both your

mom and yourself. :) xx

Brill news least it can reassure you now I know it’s hard but this will ease with time

Nat xx

Kaaayla in reply to Natzsteveo

I know .. I’m still up at 4am. With really bad chest pains it’s awful dunno what to do x

Natzsteveo in reply to Kaaayla

Do you do youre breathing exercises babes xx

Hi Kaaayla

I am due to have my Heart Echo Scan next Wednesday 28th October. My ECG showed up some abnormal Electrical Activity but this was probably due to the Antidepressants I was on (Sertraline).

Glad everything is ok with you.

Best Wishes


Kaaayla in reply to TwoSunspots

I’m on sertraline I have been for about 6years. Hope everything goes well x

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