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Ok I need some help well my dad was born with his heart on opposite side flipped backwards and i was not born with heart defects I am now 20 years old I have been experiencing chest pain for a while but I've been to my pcp all she done was an ekg and wrote me some anxiety pills....week later I went to the Er had ekg nothing sent me home last month went back they drew blood ekg x-ray heart monitor all that ok may 2 I saw a cardiologist he said i was fine to chill out all he done was a physical exam and said I can do a echo but I don't think there is a need for it!!!! Am scared to death in going to fall over dead from a heart attack I have pain in my shoulder down to my fingers my neck as well but they won't give me an angiogram like I want what do you Guys think I should do I need help I have 2 babies I gotta do for!!!!!


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  • dear Shane, the only thing you can do is get a 2nd opinion. It sounds like your doctor has made up his mind about not doing anymore tests. I feel for you.

  • I'm going back to him the 22nd of this month does anyone know were i can find my cholesterol results on my lab papers I've looked and looked and cannot find it I had low potassium and monocytes that is all they fount but is that enough???

  • Usually unless you fast, cholesterol may not have been done. I'm not sure Shane. I'm not into lab results as much as I'm into the medical aspect. Maybe someone else on the forum can contribute. I'm glad you are going back on the 22nd. Keep a little journal of how you are feeling in the next few weeks that you can bring up to him.

  • I always feel good health wise but this shit with my chest is killing me!!!! Am wondering what my cholesterol levels are the only thing that races thru my mind is CAD my dad was like 1 in 100 to be born like he was

  • what are the chances of someone my age having CAD but even thou idk my cholesterol levels

  • Hi Shane, I would say at your age it would be from slim to none. BUT...that depends on your general overall health as well as your choice of lifestyle. Only your cardiologist can give you that answer. Again, I do hope at your next appointment you question him about your concerns.

  • I don't really work out at all but I'm not over weight I weigh 150 pounds but I don't eat healthy much at all

  • Shane, your weight sounds good. You may not worked out at all but at your age, your metabolism is higher and burns off fat.

  • My stress level is thru the roof I take sertraline which I can't stand it makes me feel doped up I need some nerve medication my potassium was 3.3 my mother has low potassium as well I just feel an catheter is what will help or a stress test you know you gotta understand what its like to be depressed every day and thinking your going kick the bucket anytime

  • Shane, it's got to be terrible to feel that way especially having 2 babies to care for. I understand that having one of those 2 tests would relieve your anxiety some. You need to convince your doctor next appointment.

  • I'm going to see if I can get a stress test done at the least

  • He was gonna do echo but told me I didn't need it

  • The doctor may do that, it's not as costly or invasive. I hope so, just to give you some answers to what you are feeling.

  • Maybe its just stress my pcp seems to think it is so does the heart doctor

  • I'm sure it is. Stress plays havoc with our symptoms and our health.

  • Stress is bad if its let go untreated o how I wish I was back in high school I wanted to be a embalmer

  • You did? How interesting...

  • Ya till I had my daughter!!!

  • Gotcha ..

  • Like how long does it take plaque to build up to levels to be worried about

  • Let's just say it's not an overnight thing. Years of abusing the body.

  • I just need to calm down and tell myself in fine hard thou having anxiety!!

  • Who are you if I may ask?

  • I'm a former paramedic and CPR Instructor having worked in the ER.

  • O ok cool well anyway I do smoke im trying to cut down on 2 or 3 a day I remember once I was at work I had my first panic attack thinking it was a heart attack it made it worse my chest got real tight arm started hurting I thought I was going to die but the only one in my immediate family with heart defects is my pops but it wasn't hereditary so they say dextocardia and alto of other stuff he got hepatitis from a blood transplant had tick fever he died at vanderbilt in Nashville waiting on a heart transplant and its been hard for a kid been brought up without his dad or mom

  • I really am sorry that you experienced so much as a kid. You certainly are very articulate with medical procedures and terminology. I'm sure you see why you are fixated on your heart with having seen your dad die. I hope you get the reassurance you need from your cardiologist so you can go on with your life without the fear hanging over you.

  • No kid should have see his parents die and ya I know a few things because of all the procedures my adopted dad has gone thru and things like that

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