Weird feeling !

I think there is too much adrenaline filled inside me and my nervous system is abnormal. I get really panic over a certain thing and sometimes I would panic for a simple thing . I cant enjoy activities like eating , running etc they activate my panic mode I just feel that I cant live like this . It feels that my body is always ready to throw me into fight or flight response. It feels that I want to get rid of this situation but my body doesnt . Can anyone relate?


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  • No one ? Alright....

  • Hi Illboy, oh you are not alone in feeling like that. It doesn't take much when the body is already oversensitized by adrenaline. It could be a sound, an odor, fluorescent lighting, a thought, eating and running (don't know what that is anymore) :)

    I've come a long way in stopping that feeling at the mere hint of it coming on before it has a chance to escalate. Eventually we all get to that point of getting our control back and not being pulled into an anxiety episode. That doesn't mean it doesn't try, but it no longer succeeds. :)

  • Yes I was like that and my dr put me on celexa, im at 20mg and slowly the adrenaline feeling is fading, I still have my days but it comes and goes usually morning is the worse or if I have something going on that day. Feel better soon.

  • When I'm at my worst, I can feel waves of adrenaline. The smallest noise will send that rush right through me. It's exhausting!

  • Hi I have that sometimes now but about 4 yrs ago I used to drive my daughters to elementary school and then one to high school and then rush to get to the school where I was working! I have a problem where I try to do everything myself! It worked for a long time but slowly but surely that adrenaline rush wouldn't go away. I pretended I was calm while being with the kids but inside I felt I like an engine revving to go real fast. Really really scary awful feeling. That's when my anxiety levels got out of control for the first time in my life cause I couldn't stop that feeling. So for me it was the constant rushing around that started it. So do you think you're doing too much and you can't keep up with it? Try to see if that's the problem you have too. Take time out for yourself and you need quiet time. Take care 😊

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