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I suffer from severe daily panic feels like what i read a heart attack feels like and im worried that it is reaking havoc on my health....adrenal fatigue...heart problems etc im on medications and they help a little but not much. The only thing that helps are benzos but i try hard not to take due to high rate of addiction.....i just dont know what to do anymore.....i cant live like this

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Maybe try a different med. That could be the problem there's so many different medications for these issues and sometimes some that work for others may not work for someone else.

I have tried most of them. Most docs ive been to say i need an SSRI coupled with a benzo untilnthe SSRI is able to take over completely but that has never happened. ive tried prozac,lexapro,paxil, klonapin,ativan

try doing mindfulness,its scientifically proven to heal the body and it reduces panic attacks (it helped for me!!) and also i know this may sound weird but accept the panic attack when it comes and just feel the sensation of it,changing ur mindset on panic attacks and seeing it in a positive way will reduce it because its not something you are fighting for. i know this is hard but it will take time. take care X

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Thank you. Do you reccomend any specific websites or anything to try?

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yep! the 2 applications smilingminds and headspace are perfect but with headspace its a 10 day free progression thing and then u have to pay but smilingminds is completely free,i suggest you do at least 10-15 min every day

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Okay thank you. I will start tommorow

What are Benzos?

I was put on sertraline for anxiety & the first drug to work for me., I am a different person calmed me down., hope I stay this way 🤞But we are all different., I also take magnesium citrate in lemon water every morning before anything else it's called the calming mineral., also vits C/D & B Complex

Hope you feel better soon anxiety is a nightmare !

A lot of people have this to a greater or lesser extent.

Have a look at:

and the links from this page. I always think serious medication should be a last resort as most of them can have major side effects!

Pick a mantra, the dafter the better, to give a regular breathing pattern. (a naval one, used to time saluting guns, was "If I wasn't such a bloody fool I wouldn't be here!")

Have you had tests for heart problems? Was there any indication ? I also had and sometimes have anxiety. I made so many trips to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. A nurse said to me 'well I wouldn't worry about it, it hasn't killed you yet.' I realized my fear was driving my life and I had been doing this for years. Her saying that to me was my first step to getting rid of anxiety because I saw it for what it is, a trickster. It takes any little bump or tick and your off and running. You cannot believe your own mind when you're having an anxiety attack. Pam

There will always be something. There always be the 'next symptom'. And if you think you could get rid of all the symptoms you have ever experienced in your entire life, I guarantee, there would be another and another and another symptom that your mind would hook on. That's the nature of anxiety. We become so crazy self focused it cannot be any other way. More and more people become afflicted with anxiety as never before. And it happens in first world countries at an alarming rate where medicine us so 'highly' advanced. Do your research and compare rate of anxiety between first world countries and third world countries. You may be surprised. There may be many different factors as to the cause of anxiety. But ask yourself what has changed to highest degree in last 20 years? Environmental factors have change! Food and water have changed! Food tastes better with never ending variety but what has happened to its nutritional value? It has gone to hell! Ask any doctor that you know how many hours of nutrion he/she had in med school. 20? 10? 4? It's insane! Ask your grandparents or any grandparents if they even knew anybody! with Anxiety or depression. My grandmother went through WWII with 7 childre, had to feed them somehow and relocate to a place 400 miles where she lived. She and other people like her and actually every single person in Europe should all be afflicted with Anxiety and depression but it happened so rarely! Our food is so severely depleted of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients we should ring the bells for alarm 20 or 30 years ago. Yet, all you hear it's silence. Change you diet. Stay on it for at least 3 months. Eat more quality vegetables and fruits. Less white flour or best is none. Take quality mineral abd vitamin supplements. Walk 30 min a day. Drink plenty of 'clean' water. Stop drinking if you do, smoking if you do and see what happens. Reduce your body inflammation by staying away from inflammatory foods. There is no quick fix! If there was, you and millions of other people would hear about it by now. Take total ownership of your body and of your life. Feel so good as never before in your life! Take action right now!

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