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Whole body feels weird!


I suffer with PTSD, panic disorder,GAD,SAD and health anxiety, my whole body feels really weird and it's scaring me, I feel like I can't swallow and everything, is this all anxiety? Please I'm terrified I'm 19 and I need reassurance please anyone?xx

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It sounds like anxiety to me. I had a feeling of a lump in my throat once and asked the doctor he said it was anxiety. Anxiety is a nasty creature. Hang in there

Anxiety I horrendous. It can cause all sorts of symptoms and make you feel like you are seriously ill. Still make an appointment with a doctor but it sounds like anxiety. At the moment I am really struggling. I haven't been dressed or left the house in 5 weeks. I feel dizzy and shaky all the time and the sick feeling is the worst. I find even when u don't feel ill it is really hard to swallow anything. The trick I'm told is to distract yourself, try keep things as normal as possible though I have failed at that it is worth a try. Speak to a doctor they may be able to help with short term medication or give you techniques to help. It does pass eventually and you will feel normal again. That's what I keep telling myself and it's hard but I know it's true

Hi Amy,

yes, its All anxiety. I get all of those weird feelings too. Breathe let the feelings happen, it will pass. Try seeing a psychiatrist. Exercise is good. Blessings to you!

Thankyou very much everyone xxx

Letti poor you I have had this disorder since I was 11 I am now 70 and still have times when the anxiety is out of control but now on Ciprolex which is helping and having so many health issues I do the lightning programme which changed my life please get some

Help all of you as this is a wonderful world but you won't see it if you let this take over x

hey amy im 19 too. when i was 12 i fell 18 stories and broke everything. at the moment i looked up why my whole body keeps going numb and feels unfamiliar to me. i just want you to know your gonna be ok and its normal. if you want to feel better just remember its gonna go away.

if you want to see the artical look up grace bergere chimney

Hi Amy,

I was just reading this. I was just wondering how you went & how you have been going? I so hope you have found an answer & resolved your symptoms!


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