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Seeing a new psychiatrist today, very scared.

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Hi All. I have been through so much with my current psychiatrist. For the last 5 months she has weaned me off cipralex and put me onto prozac. However the prozac is making my anxiety worse. Been on it now for 30 days. I contacted my psychiatrist and she told me to stop being so silly and go and live my life.

I was shocked because I even told her I am having suicidal thoughts.

Now I do not trust anyone!! However my sister is sending me to her psychiatrist today. In about 3 hours I will be there but I am so scared of them now. I am scared I am going to have a panic attack and just run out of this persons office.

Please help.

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Hi, Debby! Well! That was truly shocking of your psychiatrist to respond in this way! I am so glad you're now going to be seeing someone new. My psychiatrist (who is very good) told me that Prozac is amongst the most stimulating of SSRI's and sometimes is not tolerated well in people with GAD and panic disorder.

You're being very brave - please just try to muster your coping skills to get to the appointment today and I am sure you will receive much more sympathetic help with the new psychiatrist. Will you pop in later and let us know how you got on?

I shall be thinking of you - good luck! xxxx

Thank you so much, I am about to leave now, will let you know how it went. Hopefully I do not run out her office :(

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Mrs-sullivan in reply to Debby47

Have you ever tried a support group? Great groups. ACA/Dysfunctiomal Families excellent resource. Helps you understand your thinking and why you feel the way you feel. I use anxiety now as my friend. Also - another group is Recovery Imternational by Dr, Abraham Low. - he teaches you how to reframe your thinking like cognitive theory. Both are excellent resources. Let me know if this helps after doing some research. The author of Recovery International says anyone can be helped through his program if you learn the skills. You are one of millions who have these emotions in this day and age and you are not alone. I wish you well.

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Tcbabe in reply to Debby47

Wishing you well and let us know how things went for you. Been struggling myself here lately and wanting to try something different


I have been on Cipralex(escitalopram) for about 5 years now. I only got symptoms with these tablets for about 1 week. Other antidepressants take about 6 weeks and symptoms were awful. I have not had any problems so far. I suffer from panic disorder and anxiety sometimes my moods are low. I have attended a community psychiatric nurse on a regular basis, but not so much now. I feel I have conquered some of my demons and I feel better but I know at the back of my mind that it's still there and can happen at any time.

Ano some psychiatrists should be struck off for negligence. I know my psychiatrist should be.

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The doctor I was seeing was the same way prescribed me paxil it made me faint and I was throwing up for 24 hours to the point my nose was bleeding, she told me I had an allergic reaction and she would no longer treat me... told me I was impossible to help and I needed therapy.. I just had an appointment with my new doctor who sat and listened for over an hour and I am now on meds to get my life back! Kinda sad some doctors just don't care anymore

I had two before my present psych., but gave each a good go. The first one spent all, and I mean ALL, of the time talking about himself. The second was just downright sadistic and had a real reputation for over medicating his patients. I met a patient of his, a lovely elderly lady, who doted on her grand son. Unfortunately she needed a brief hospital admission during which he told her 'you'll never see your grandson again'. Thank goodness there ARE good psychs out there - my current one who I have been seeing for over a year is brilliant.

I just started 20 mg of citalopram 2 days in and it seems to be great not really having bad side effects, I have heard some bad things about Prozac especially in woman.. I hope you have a good appointment and this new therapist will listen to your needs. Praying for you.

How did u get on debby

Your psychiatrist should not have responded to you in that way, I would log a complaint against them, they should be more compassionate. If the prozac is making you feel worse, I would go to your doctor and inform them as they will be working alongside your psychiatrist. I really hope your appointment with the new psychiatrist goes well today! Wishing you all the luck in the world - although i'm sure you won't need any luck. You've got this far so you are stronger than you may feel or think :) Please keep us all in the loop about your progress.

Hi All. The new psychiatrist had me in her office for two and a half hours. At the end she called in my husband and told him what she had told me. I am at a breaking point and she said I am a hair away from been put into hospital. My anxiety is so bad that she is very worried. She has put me on new medications, a mood stabiliser, a antipsychotic and urbanol as well. (sp). She was horrified at what the other psychiatrist had told me.

I cant believe how sweet and kind she was and how much time she took to explain so many things to me as I am having very bad physical symptoms from too much anxiety in my body.

We agreed to do out patient therapy after been on these new tablets for three weeks. That or hospital she said.. so I said, I will go with outpatient.

I do not know what to do about my old doctor, telling me to stop being silly and go live my life.

I am hoping this medication will work. My new doctor did not take me off the prozac yet as she said she did not want too many side effects all at once with introducing other meds and taking me off others. But she did say prozac was NOT the right choice for me and in about two months I am to wean off it.

Thank you all for been so kind and worried about me.

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Cs131193 in reply to Debby47

Hi Debby! So glad you’ve seen someone who’s giving you the care and compassion you deserve and that you’re making progress in trying new medications. So sorry you’re having an awful time with your anxiety, my heart goes out to you! I would definitely complain about your old psychiatrist though, I know it’s a daunting thought, my anxiety often makes me think irrationally, but they’re clearly not in the job for the right reasons. I really hope your new treatment will help you and get you better, you are in my thoughts and I pray that you have a speedy recovery and that your anxiety subsides. Please take care of yourself. Just know everyday that You are strong. You are brave and you are beautiful! And you can conquer anything! 🙂

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Debby47 in reply to Cs131193

hugs thank you Xx

Wow! I'm so glad you've agreed to see someone else. Sounds like they other one shouldn't be in practice. Please know there are great ones available to help and I'm sending good vibes your way.

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