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I had an appointment to meet with a therapist March 10th but rescheduled because I didn't think I needed it and wanted to give myself more time. I'm seeing a lot of people visit a psychiatrist regularly but still have severe anxiety so I'm thinking what's the point? I'm thinking about cancelling my appointment next week all together.

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Just go so u will have the peace of mind.

It's just that my Primary Care provider said medication and counseling is a dual treatment but I am not willing to take medication. I don't think that's fair lol

Psychiatrist appointments are very difficult yo get in the uk. Only those with severe or difficult to treat problems get to see them

About 2 years ago I was having mild anxiety here n there and I expressed concern during my physical. My Dr. At the time didn't want me to see anyone because it wasn't severe enough. Now That I Was diagnosed With depression It's being recommended. I think it should be offered in the early stages to prevent depression but idk.

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You can wait month's 😠

Yes it's hard to get an appointment asap.

I went to my first physciatrist for about 10 years and got great help from him, not only with medications but his sharing some of his life experiences with anxiety. I then was about 6 years with no one.....I have been seeing a new one for 3 yrs now. He has come up with some good ideas, new meds (not all that worked). He listens. Therapists cannot prescribe meds. Keep this in mind. I would go to see what he has to say to you....then judge for yourself.

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If not treated can get worse or better with time, so I would take treatment on offer. Psychoanalysis and herbal remedies can be ineffective. Meds and CBT are usually effective. Joining in with life and things helps. Also walking or sleeping.

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It's worth at least one appointment to see if it's for you. I personally loved the psychiatrist better then the counclers and therapists as they are doctors and can give you re assurance about your physical symptoms (those are my main worries the physical sensations).

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You're right. I'm going to go.

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