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Walking around mall I feel faint I’m so scared that I’m going to drop _____ today

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I’m so scared I feel like I’m not right I didn’t eat all day and I am hungry but I feel really faint and I told myself today Is my last so now I’m really scared please help

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Hello :-)

You will feel faint due to not eating anything

Get something to eat , sit in a cool area , take some deep breaths and eat and then start again

This is not your last day , it is your anxiety but you need some food :-)

Take Care x

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I did eat but I still faint and I focus on it my legs feel slow and heavy I think my mask cause me to have panick attacks because I feel like I can’t breathe idk why it makes me panic

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They make me panic those masks you are not on your own with that one

Try and get some fresh air like you did yesterday :-) x

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Will it ever go away I don’t want to be like this forever I’m only 16 I’m so upset

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You are getting support now so it will get better :-) x

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I feel like this all time it's awful a don't no what causes the symptoms though as some days are worse than others it's a vicious circle x

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You won’t be like this forever, the sooner you get your family onboard (if they aren’t) and work towards getting you into therapy. It may take medication but also a combo of non medicated therapy. You need coping skills and management strategies to help you with anxiety attack so you get through these times. You have to understand that you were really bad just being at home and things can spiral more being away from home and your comfort zone.

Since you have asthma, talk to your doctor regarding mask wearing, how handle attacks even coupled with severe anxiety. Your doctor will probably encourage physical exercise at home and avoiding going places that require a mask; I’m not sure if you use an inhaler or if you’ve been given breathing rehabilitation techniques, but I think you should discuss all of this with your pulmonary doctor. 🌺💜

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Okay thankyou I will

That was my worst problem. It’s you being anxious that’s making you feel faint and making your legs feel wobbly. Just go out more so you can get used to open areas and won’t be nervous anymore. I’ve got over that problem but I still have it sometimes.

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