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Saw a psychiatrist today.

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I saw a psychiatrist today and had the worst experience ever!

Didn't ask me about my symptoms at all, when I tried telling him he interrupted me and said that if I'm not hearing voices or if I don't want to hurt my self or others that he can't help me. Like what the fuck man!? I thought that they were suppose to help? I call it bs!

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That's pretty horrific! You should report him. They are suppose to help you and listen. That makes no damn sense

Seriously though please report him

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Hi joser805. Wot a nitemare. I've had a number of psychiatrists over the past 17 years. Some were excellent to mediocre to useless ! Like any other profession there's a mix. I'm currently transferring to another psychiatrist by my request. Remember it is ur rite to ask to c another psychiatrist. X

Find another and don't let this bad experience discourage you from getting help. They tend to treat more extreme cases anxiety is like common but hearing good voices is not... so they tend to blow us off "most of them"

Wow he sounds horrendous There are good ones who will help I hope you can find one

Hi Joser805,

It's shocking - very bad for a mental health "professional" to give you such an experience.

You should report the psychiatrist to the Board who registers them.

While you are talking with the Board, ask if there is psychiatrist who has a specific interest in your condition. You are sure to get a better reception next time :)

Did you get a referral to the psychiatrist from your doctor or word of mouth? Let the referral person you weren't satisfied as well.

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