Feeling very delicate today,

Feeling like my world is going to end today!

I cannot put my finger on why I feel like this, I don't want to eat, I'm scared of choking. Normally I can keep a lid on this anxiety. But it seems to have raised its ugly little head.

I just wish all this anxiety etc would do one. I'm really fed up with it all, I just want to curl up in a ball.

It's my second session tomorrow with my counsellor.

I just don't feel like I'm getting any better I'm very very sad.


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  • Bless you chick. Chin up hopefully the counselling will help. Look after yourself. Sending a big hug. X

  • Thank you xx

  • Winter no curling up in a ball is allowed, I wont let you, Try and go to see the counseller , it may help after a few sessions , treat today as just a blip, in recovery . Chin up winter.

    [[[[[[[ hugs]]]]]]]




  • Hi winter sorry to here it not well today. Keep telling itself it's just a one off and u will feel better tomorrow. Think we shud all go to roses garden and look after u today xxx

  • That sounds perfect, I need looking after ( crying again) xxx

  • Donna , we are not sure where it is the garden , have you found it , I wonder if seyi is in there bless her , she still doesnt have seemed to found her way back yet


  • Hi Winter

    Sorry hun you are feeling low today

    Did you get any thing sweet in the end , I no you were looking for something

    Its still early days Winter , this is one thing that I no we can feel impatient with , yet it isnt a quick fix

    You had a real good day yesterday & then this is how it can be , we get up the next day feeling down ,but i see deep down you are a strong person (even though today you may not feel it ) and I no you are going to get through this

    Keep talking to us & I hope as the day goes on you may start to feel better


  • Yes I got sweet things thank goodness. I really am not feeling good today, that is what upsets me that I have a good day then a really bad day.

    I'm not feeling strong at all, I just feel that I'm letting everyone down, that I cannot be me.

  • I think thats what can make it worse , sometimes , we have a taste of a good day & then it is a shock when we get up the next day & its not so good

    But the good days will get more & more , it takes time hun

    Please stop beating yourself up , you are not letting anyone down

    Try & be kind to yourself today

    Relax when you can , & for you maybe something sweet as well

    Go with today & see what tomorrow brings , today could even get better , sometimes I have days that start of bad , but end up good & sometimes the other way round


  • Hi winter the road to recovery is a long winding one with ups and downs... It's sooo frustrating but don't lose sight of the fact that things will get better. You are very strong and will get through this love eve x

  • I've found the garden whywhy bless our lovely rose she's left it open for us. I may find rose on a swing xx

  • Have you ( shocked face )

    Where is it ????

    I am struggling , I thought there would be a grand opening , is it all new



    While you are in there , look for Seyi , will you lol


  • Thinking of you, a little prayer too

  • Thinking of you, a little prayer too

  • Thinking of you, a little prayer too

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