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Finally saw a Psychiatrist Today

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I had my first appointment today with a psychiatrist. My diagnosis is GAD. They decided to start me on Buspar and CBT combined. I explained to them that I have a huge fear of taking medicine so they told me to take the prescription get it filled and think about it. I am excited to start the CBT and they are scheduling the appointment tomorrow. Over the last week I have good days and bad days but my bad days have not been as bad as they were.

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Beth, that's great that you saw a psychiatrist today and will be starting CBT tomorrow.  I have a feeling you didn't start on the Buspar yet.  It will help you if you do besides doing the CBT.  I wish you well.  I'm glad to hear the bad days aren't as bad as they use to be.  Let's hope it continues that way for you.   xx

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Beth1982 in reply to Agora1

I have not started the Buspar... Still thinking about it. 

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Agora1 in reply to Beth1982

You will do it in your own time.  I understand, believe me. x

Cbt also really helped me. My many medications sit filled and untouched .. Zoloft, buspar, cipralex etc.  if you do try and have luck with it though please let me know 

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Beth1982 in reply to tdawgg123

I am happy to hear that CBT is helping you. I'm hoping it will help me also. I'm not sure how I feel about the Buspar just yet. I'll let you know if I start it. Are you also afraid of medicine?

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tdawgg123 in reply to Beth1982

Very much! I did try one of them for a few days .. Pretty sure it was the Zoloft but I didn't enjoy it at all. Will only try again if I think I really need it 

I also was prescribe buspre scared to take it also

Beth, try doing the CBT first. Forget about the medication until you feel is a need. I only try things when I am 100% at peace with my decision. Then it will work, otherwise the fear will interfere with the healing process.

Wish you the best!

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Beth1982 in reply to bel_hope

Thank you! I love that thought!

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