Derealization After Having A Baby 😒😧😒

I hoping to find more help here , I'm 17 and I had a baby 8 months ago after I got home I tried to eat and felt really sick so I couldn't really eat , than 6 weeks after I had a major panick attack and then the Derealization came and has been with me since 24/7 and it's really stressful I get really emotional when I talk about it , I didn't have any problems with this or anxiety before having a baby and I'm so scared that this is my new life πŸ˜¦πŸ˜”πŸ˜© I always sit and think how I was before and how I was so happy than and now I'm like this and I have to start school in a couple of days which means I will have to get up early and I'm scared it will make it worse I use to look forward to going back to school now I'm afraid , I feel like I'm losing my self and I feel like I don't know what normal feels like anymore I just wanna break down and cry some times 😭😭 like I don't know what to do any more it's been 7 months I've been dealing with this my son is almost 9 months and I feel like he's just growing up and I'm just going threw the motions πŸ˜” this isn't fun at all ... sorry to write so much I just feel like I can't talk to my family cause they wouldn't understand


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12 Replies

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  • There are some really great articles about derealization/depersonalization. That is usually how my anxiety manifests. Your mind does that when Its overly stressed and needs a break. Try reading up on it. There are some techniques that help!

  • So you have gotten through this ? And do I look up techniques for derealization or something ??

  • Oh yes! I have gone through it and still go through it. It's my most hated symptom of anxiety. It makes me feel confused and foggy. Keep pushing through it. Try to do something that really engages your mind! I'm sorry it's happening to you. Read a few things about it

  • I know exactly how you feel I have two kids 1 & 2 year olds. I have suffered with anxiety since my one year old was 3 months. I have had DP/DR for the last 3 months it is so scary and annoying I also feel like my kids are growing up and I'm not seeing it or living it even though I am, like you said just going through the motions of life.

    There is hope I have gone through great periods of it being better and I'm not afraid of it anymore.

    This article helped me greatly it is very long but make sure to read it and book mark it so when ever you go through a bad period of it you can look back at it.

    Wishing you all the best :)

  • Thank you ! And yeah it is really good I have read it before , did you take any medication? Or are you just waiting it out ? My doctors all tell me it's hormone related but I still get scared does yours get worse when your monthly comes ?

  • I don't take medication. All my anxiety symptoms get worse before my monthly

  • I did this really bad after my first panic attack, it's taken a long time, like two years to be almost completely gone but it gets less and less every week. My dr told me it will run its course even with no medication in a year or two. I know that sounds like forever but I was just glad to hear that it would eventually go away. What helps me is looking around and counting 10 things that are real, a few things I can hear, feel the things around me that I can touch and know that it is just anxiety, it can't hurt you. I think going through the motions is the best thing you can do, don't shut down and hide away, that reinforces your brain to think there is something to be afraid of. Just keep on keeping on, it will get better! I'm sorry, I know how bad it stinks!

  • Thanks for replying to this ! Yeah it does suck and I'm going to try these , are you on any medication or are you just riding it threw? It makes me feel a lot better knowing I'm not alone you know ?

  • I just take Xanax as needed, it's not much, my Rx is for .5 twice a day. There is a product called True Calm that I have taken before that you can get from a health food store. It works pretty well. So sorry! It will go away!

  • We all go through a massive change when we become mothers but in reading this I can sense a strong maternal love that's shook your life up more than you expected.

    Your health visitor can help, there for mummys too, good luck going back to school xx

  • I'm in the same boat as u hun is scary . we will over come this .

  • Hello

    Did you overcome this? I'm suffering from it and it's hell.

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