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Can someone please help me :(

Really struggling as of late, the last week my whole left side of body has been hurting, my front of shoulder blade is painful, tight chest and achy chest, shooting pains in my arm, feeling like I cant do stuff with my left hand sometimes feels so weak. All of these sensations constantly make me worry about a heart attack all day long, which makes me anxious all day, are these thoughts im having about a heart attack only fuelling the sensations further? im just so scared all day and am not sure how this works really, I have good times where I have no symptoms but when im having a bad time the symptoms seem to be terrible, its such a viscous circle, anyone else going through the same thing and can relate to me? would be so good to hear from someone who's having the same problems, it's literally from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep. There is no escape at the moment for me. Please help! :(

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Hello there. I am no doctor and can't say what your pain is coming from. I can tell you this tho, I get pains in both my arms and in my upper back and it even goes into my chest at times. Its especially worse when my anxiety is really bad. I always I have anxiety and I am always anxious about everything. I am on medication for it but at the end of the day its all up to me to fully make myself better. Its all in what you tell yourself. I have had many test done about the pains I get and they all come back normal. I feed my fear everyday and make it worse. What you give power to has power over you. The pains I get all stem from anxiety and my muscles. Its honestly like my body is so sore all the time. And that can happen when the body is so stressed out day after day. Maybe try a heating pad or and ice pack for your pain. Call your doctor and tell them what's going on and what kind of pain you are having. I hope this helps and I hope you feel better but trust me. You are not alone. Best wishes hun

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Ditto to everything in Rissa said. Just wanted to let you know that yes I have felt that way too. You should really check with your doctor so you can make sure it's nothing and feel better about it.


this is exactly my all day im in fear, pains, weird feelings and it freaks me out and causes major attacks


Yep, in the same boat. Is scary, but just have to tell myself that I am o.k., as all tests so far are normal. ....

The tight chest,palpitations,lightheaded feeling, so over it. Really drags me down. Get hormone and thyroid results back at end of the month, also heart CT to check arteries. If they are all normal,,, think it will be a good thing for me to see a psychologist maybe to help me deal with these terrible symptoms.

sigh...... :-)


Thanks for the reply Sadandbaffled. What makes you think you have anxiety then? How did it all start? My anxiety is very bad when I'm hungry! It's so stttange


I really am not sure that I do have anxiety, but I feel like I have symptoms of it, and the doctors have no idea, I am wondering also if it is the start of menopause. It all started 4 months ago. I am 41.

Started with feelings that I was in a lift, vague, palpitations,nausea etc....

Mine tends to play up if in the car, a shop or sitting down.

Thanks for reply :-)


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