Help again please πŸ˜­πŸ™„

Again I’ve had a panic attack which was really severe. I understand that your supposed to just accept that it’s anxiety and nothing else but that is soo hard when I keep getting different symptoms like crackling in my chest and terrible head and chest pains that just don’t seem to go 😭 does anyone else have this crackling noise coming from their chest or is it just me ?


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  • Yes I do, also like a vibrating feeling, chest pain under my left breast and top , occasionally palpitations depends on how I am feeling. I tell myself if it was a heart attack it would feel like a huge weight on my chest like an elephant sat on my chest and I would feel really sick even though a panic attack does feel similar but only last up to half a hour. Relax, have a warm drink and just breathe.

  • Thank you !😊x

  • Danevans01, I get that crackling sound as well not only in my chest but neck and back of head. Muscles, tendons, ligaments so wound tight that it produces this crackling sound. It's not just you and it is not dangerous. :)

  • Thank you so much, very reassuring 😊

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who has had this! Because I get it in the back of my head I was afraid there must be something wrong I my spine! But I also get it in the muscles in front of my ears from clenching my teeth I think

  • Wilburbuggirl, That's very common to have temporomandibular clicking and joint pain due to clenching of teeth when you open your mouth wide. Muscles intensely tight can eventually effect the joint. Sleeping with a mouth guard can help relax the muscle as well as using warm compresses during the day if the pain gets too severe.

    I get the clicking in the back of the head quite often when I am tense and I turn my head to the right or the left. It all depends where we hold our stress.

    You are not alone xx

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