Panic attack

Hey, It's a little late just trying to calm myself down a little. I was sleep and just woke up for no reason in panic mode. My left foot and hand were numb probably because of the position I was in and I instantly thought It was over for me. I took a guzzle of maalox extra strength about 45 mins before I went to bed, of course I was having the crazy obsessive thoughts before I dozed off and I was playing a little Jazz on Pandora to help me sleep. I'm pretty much just venting, if anyone is up and can't sleep feel free to comment.


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  • Hey I've been dealing with bad anxiety today too. What has helped me calm down is playing guitar but in your case just do or think about something that makes you happy and relaxed. Don't focus on what's making you anxious. I've been trying to tell myself that as long as I'm alive there's no reason to fear anything.

  • You've got it joegonza89 in that as long as we are alive there is nothing to fear. Anxiety is a mind game. Playing guitar is a great way to relax and lose yourself in your thoughts. We all need to escape at times to reduce the stress and anxiety in our lives. Whatever works is what's best.

    Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. We're looking forward to hearing more of your journey with anxiety and your positive approach in reaching peace and calm. Make it a great day :)

  • Thank You. I wish I knew how to play guitar too lol

  • It's fun Tanae. You can probably learn from YouTube I would think.

    I took a few lessons and the rest learned on my own. Having some kind of musical outlet can really take you away for a while. xx

    P.S. you can always sing and dance :)

  • Hahaha so true! I'll stick to singing and dancing. I'm not the best but it helps lol

  • Embrace the rabbithole and only then the circle of fear and panic attacks will slowly vanish..just let it come..embrace it. Trying to control it is a battle you cant win.

  • Well said, pata99, by surrendering to anxiety we win the war!

  • So very true. It has helped but I have my moments like now.

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