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(Panic attack) wake up 4am !!

An extreme panic attack has just woke me up at 4am :-(

And everyone's sound asleep ! I'm slowly calming Down now

but I hate this when it happens cause it's guna take me a couple

days to get over :-( but I gets these ones regular just before sleep or

When I'm fast asleep the panic attack will (WAKE ME UP) and it's so bloody

(SCAREY) cause everyone's fast asleep and u have to ride it out on your own :-(

Does anyone else get my sort of pattern of (PANIC ATTACKS) ??? .....

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Hi Michael,feeling scared about what cannot be defined, is something that enact a panic attack.Sometimes I feel that my hearth is racing and I don`t have so much air to breath.It`s common to every human being to feel such sensations in life time and is because we have all the same fear and is of dying.What I suggest to do is that you`ve to control your breathing,some relaxing exercises could be good as in yoga class or meditation,you can find some ideas on you tube if you wish.Then you can try to visualize in your mind a place where you dream to be...could be a desert island, a hilly place,sea side....anywhere you really like to be.If you still feeling uneasy, maybe is better to talk with your GP because CBT can help you to realize that there is no need to feel in that way to deal with problems everyday, so copying strategies can be useful for you and you`ve to learn how to manage them .Take care

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Hi micheal,really hope you have managed to relax, I don't know what it is about the 3-4am thing I either manage to drop off or I'm waking up , it took me a while when I had my worst night , be easy on yourself do all the things you want / can do , have lots of cuddles off ya loved ones it helps . Let us know how ya feeling. Big hugs Binkynoo x

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Thanks friend ! yea I no 3-4am has always been the same for me ! wired .. Thanks for advice & support ...



I don't know if it's a panic attack I have, or just a nightmare I can't get away from,but it certainly, is frightening and I feel lethargic etc for the rest of the day.

I hope your feeling a little better.

Eunice x


Yes I do they suck!:(


I was having daily panic attacks but the citalopram stopped them give the tablets time they will work. When do you take them morning or night? I started taking mine at night, its just a thought. Keep trying to ignore them and try to breath through them I know its hard been suffering myself for 40 years but manage to hold a good job down and the attacks are much much less often. Good Luck x


Thanks I'm hoping they will stop this is my 6th day on citolapram 20mg so just have to wait now !!

What condition do u have ?

And how long did u wait till they work their magic ?

Are u still citolapram ?

What side affects did u have ? Do u still have any now ?

Soz for all the quiestions lol just curios that's all ..

This is my first time on an (anti depression )

I couldant hold down my beloved job my (panic disorder) (anxiety) (depression) was to much as it was all physical work ! Panic attacks got to much with really bad breathing :-( So had to hand my resignation in ! Back in June :-(

I'm just staying strong :-)

Hope your ok anyways :-)

Thanks for your advice :-)

Michael ....


Been there done that! A few months ago I was having the same thing. I am so sorry you are having these. Its your supconcious! ( sp) What I do now, is listen to my anxiety relaxation tape while I am trying to get to sleep. I haven't had one since I started doing this.

Also, if you wake up feeling panic, DO not get up!!Just lie there and breathe! See yourself outside of your self, observing the symptons. You are the calm observer. Calm and Alert. Soon the panic will get bored and abate! If you can listen again to the anxiety tape if you can. I have a Kindle and downloaded 3 different ones from Amazon. They are not expensive. One of them is hypnosis. I think I paid $2.99 dollars. If you are in the UK they one from an English lady that I got. She is great. Just try this!!! Let me know if it helps. I will look up the English one if you are interested. Hugs, and Breathe and know we are all going to be better each day!



Thanks ileen for your support & advice :-) hope your ok ? yes I'm In the uk ! I'm my iPad now so I might look now on amazon if u can give me the name of the relaxation tape ? Or should I just get anyone :-) I can never sleep I hate it :-(

Thanks ileen ...


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