Panic attack

I am having a really bad episode right now and need someone to talk too I feel like I'm dying I was sitting on my bed scrollingng through facebook and it hit me all of a sudden it felt like I couldn't breathe and I had to get up my heart is racing I took a buspar hoping that will help I hate this feeling it has subsided a little bit.These episodes are new to me is there any advice someone can offer on how to control them.


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  • Hi! I know the feeling. Im going through an attack right now too. So I know the feeling. Have you tried breathing excersises? Or a cold rag on your head?

  • I have not tried breathing exercises, I feel like this episode is getting better now .I am just so fed up with it but I guess I'll have to find some positive ways to deal with it because it doesn't look like it's going away.

  • Hi, I know how you feel. Maybe you should try writing down how you are feeling and keep a journal with your thoughts and feelings, I do that and it helps to get your emotions out.

  • @Kiran666 I actually have an note app that I go to and type when I have these episodes and it does seem to help

  • Hi REDHEADLPN35, my thoughts are sitting on the bed not a stable support for your body in that any movement of the mattress could start the panic feeling. Scrolling thru facebook is making your eyes look at a white background with a lot of words moving causing again the movement to cause you to get scared. From there you can't breath and then the heart speeds up and the circle is complete for a panic attack. I'm sure the buspar will calm you down some, but sometimes we have to know what prompts the anxiety to begin with. Doing relaxation/meditation daily as well as deep breathing exercise will help calm your mind and body. I wish you well.

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