Overcome panic attack

Thought id share this with anyone who might want a little help!

So I realised the best thing that works for my anxiety attacks is looking back half an hour before it started or hours before and trying to find the trigger. What did I do or think about? Like this time, 10 minutes ago I was absolutely fine... Now? Shaking and heart racing and sweating palms... I thought "omg I'm gonna have a heart attack" but then I remebered I had ice coffee half an hour before. There's my trigger. That calmed me down a bit. I read the label on the coffee and it said "high caffeine content" great! So now it's obvious to me. I drank caffeine which triggers my anxiety as I know from the past.

Now another thing I do as well is think of the worst ever attack you had. And how you were fine after that one. This one isn't that bad so why should you not be able to overcome this one when you were able to do that with that one you had once that was really really bad.


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  • Hi Angiecis22, great job. Going back to what the trigger was has gotten me out of my anxiety. It gives us a reason for how our body is responding. Sometimes it's not that easy when it might be a thought, a sound or even a smell that triggers something negative in our minds. The fact is, if it works for you, that's all that counts. Wishing you continued success. x

  • Thank you! I hope you're doing well too with yours:)

  • Good stuff 😊 It amazing how a bit of understanding of the symptoms help .I'm chuffed for you x onward and upwards✌😊

  • Our brains are honestly one weird thing. They can make us feel so ill we'll be convinced we're dying and one small thing can make that all go away.

  • That's self positive talk . Your training your brain to rethink the way it's suppose to ,good for you. But the reason why panic attacks come on so adbrumbly is because it comes from our subconscious mind . Something that happened to us that we never dealt with tragdity of some sort and it manifests into panic like toxins coming out of the body . But it's actually bottled up emotions with fear attached to it. Anxiety is a symptom of something deeper like depression , depression can be subconscious or conscious because we can be depressed and not even know that we are. What changed me to over come anxiety attacks /panic attacks is learning that I could not die from anxiety . That was it never had a panic attack again. My fear was dieing due to things I have lived threw after I worked them things out my panic went away but I had to think about what I was holding back on inside and bring it out and talk about it before I could face my fears and then it all came together for me .

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