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Has anyone tried hypnotherapy?



I have booked a hypnotherapy session to hopefully help with my anxiety and wondering if anyone else had tried it and could offer any feedback. I understand it will be different for everybody but Im hoping it does have good results.

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Abbiejade3, I really benefited from it. For me, it was a totally relaxing experience until you get the bill :)

Wish you well. x

Abbiejade3 in reply to Agora1

Thank you thats really good to hear. Its definitely not cheap but I suppose anything is worth a go if it chances to help make you feel better. Best wishes X


It helps. It got me to stop smoking. I like it for the relaxation. I just have trouble maintaining it.

What is hypnotherapy?xx


I am a Hypnotherapist.

For those who do not understand, I shall explain as best I can.

Hypnotherapy is a way of having an influential conversation with your subconscious.

We do this by entering a trance state. You enter a trance state several or more times a day.

You know that feeling when someone is talking to you and your mind wanders?

Trance state.

You know that feeling when you're on a bus or car and staring out of the window, not thinking, or mind wandering?

Trance state.

It can be used to treat many things such as addictions or phobias as well as boosting parts of us that we may benefit from such as confidence etc.

Neuroscience has begun to see more and more value in this technique because of how it accesses the mind.

Our minds consist of a conscious and unconscious (these aren't necessarily separate)

Our conscious minds are what takes care of decision-making and planning etc

Our unconscious is an information centre. This is where everything you experience is stored to be used when and where your mind feels is necessary. For example...you now have no need to remember your phone number or address as these now exist somewhere in your subconscious memory.

Our subconscious also acts as a filter system, filtering out all the information it feels we don't need, otherwise, we would be overwhelmed while just walking down the streets at all the information around us.

Our subconscious also contains our personalities, those belief's and stories that define who we believe ourselves to be.

So that is as simple an explanation as I can make it...I hope that helps anyone who doesn't understand Hypnotherapy

Shelley24 in reply to TruthSi72

Would it be worth looking into for anxiety and intrusive thoughts?x

TruthSi72 in reply to Shelley24


Absolutely. Yes.


Shelley24 in reply to TruthSi72

Thank you I'll have to look into it 😊 x

No but would like to know how you get on as would consider it in future not been able to afford it yet x

Thanks everyone. My first appointment is on Thursday so ill let yous know how it goes. X

Just an update,

I had my first session yesterday and I feel it went well. I was advised that people usually feel the benefits after around 2-3 sessions but Im feeling positive. The session was really relaxing, we spoke for abit before starting the actual hypnosis and then ended by going through some self hypnosis/self help activities that I should practice at home which I would be happy to share. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I have another session booked for in a couple of weeks. X

Thanks, I love hypnotherapy for IBS

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