Has anyone tried anxiet support groups?

Just found this organization called No Panic for people suffering from anxiety in particular with volunteers trained in CBT approach. It's free of charge they only ask for £2 donations to cover room hire and refreshments. Thought that mb some of you tried something like this. I might give it a try but already scared. They said i'm allowed to take a friend with me.


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  • That dounds good. Maybe just go once and take a friend. Then you'll know if it gonna be any good for you.

    I did a 5 week stress-buster course which I thought was really useful,but you didn't discuss personal details.

    I would be nervous in case I knew somebody there( but one of my faults is being far too self-conscious)

    Hope this helps. Xx

  • Will probably go and listen to what other people say. It might motivate me to share my experience. I'd honestly do anything to make me feel normal :) going to fight my stupid anxiety!! :) xxx

  • I went to something like this, a six week course helping to cope with anxiety and I found it really good. Plus I made several new aquaintances and we all got along well. I would give it a try. It was hard for me to go but I did and it helped. Good luck.xx

  • Hi

    I have never tried it personally , but people have said they have & its helped

    If you are able to go , you wont be any worse of than what you are now , in fact could be better , you would have nothing to loose

    If you do let us no how you found it :)




  • This sounds like a great opportunity to share your experiences with anxiety, with people in "the same boat as you". I think this would be very therapeutic and I wish I could find something local to me in the Northwest. Please go to find out if it can help you. If you don't like what you see, you don't have to go again!! Nothing to lose really/.

    good luck, Mallet-Head

  • GI this sounds gd to me ! :-) do u mind me asking wot area it in iv never herd orbit before :-) good luck with it tho :-) x

  • It's in Sheffield but think they've got it everywhere else, haven't checked though. I'll let everyone know if i go :) xxx

  • Where are you based? I used to be a member of No Panic.They are a very good organnisation for anxiety sufferers. They also have virtual support groups via the phone at low cost, lots of literature and always someone you can call for advice or chat during daytime hours.

  • I'm in Sheffield. Oh wow so you've actually been there? I'm so scared to go :(

  • No I've not been there, but I was a member. I don't know where they're based, but they have a main website (below). Maybe they run a local support group in Sheffield, but I don't know. Take a look at their website and maybe give them a free call: nopanic.org.uk/

  • I think I've read about the ones in Sheffield, I'm based there too. Quite liked the idea of going (and not having to discuss personal details) but nervous about going - feel like admitting that somethings wrong :(

  • These are the ones I found in Sheffield


    If you click healthy living workshops there are some specific anxiety ones but they are all during the day

  • Love it! Deffo going next week. Thank you very much for sharing the link :) xxx

  • Glad they were useful. Not sure which I'm going to, waiting for replies to emails with more information etc

  • I've found group therapy to be the most helpful for my recovery, I've experienced them in addiction therapy but wonderful to know that groups are available for people with anxiety disorders. They can be very difficult to attend, but you have to remember that every person there feels the same as you. It's important that you feel able and comfortable to leave the group if you want to, to collect your thoughts and join the group later, if you feel the need.

  • I'll give it a try and see if it works for me. I'm pretty sure people there won't judge. Thanks for your comment xx

  • I would try it but do go with an open mind.

  • I will and will post about how it goes xx

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