Oh No not a Again!!

So im at the mall with my mother and im waiting on the line i could feel my pulse on my neck beating hard and a bit fast aswell as my heart could feel in my body and my chest and my thyriod aswell my throat i dont know but im a bit nervous im also getting muscle spasms all over my body different parts abd feel like a dry cough aswell like feeling jumpy


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  • Johnnie first of all you are safe. Your mom certainly wouldn't let anything happen to her son. Sounds like an anxiety attack. Dry cough can mean you are dehydrated. Start drinking some water and deep breathing. You will be okay.

  • yeah but im tierd of it i have to see whats going on with me because it has to be something that causing me to have anxiety

  • Johnnie,

    Agora1 is right. You are safe. If you would take your medicine you might calm down enough for your doctor to help you find the cause of your anxiety.

  • yeah it has to be something thats causing it all started with the bad reaction to the weed i smoked had a panick attack

  • So it sounds like you need a plan in order to go forward. Even though the medication is there for you, you want to know what's causing the symptoms other than anxiety, before you start medicating.

    Sounds reasonable. But you have to accept what the doctors say in diagnosing you. Having smoked weed will always be a questionable reason that all this happened to you. However, the weed is no longer the problem, the after effects are.

    It may be time to sit down with your GP and bring your mom with so she understands as well what you are going through. Hope you are back home and settling down.

  • yeah im back home now im a bit relaxed now

  • and do you think its something thats causing my anxiety after i smoke that weed

  • I honestly don't know. There are others on the forum who swear to the fact that smoking weed is what started anxiety. Hopefully you will get some feedback from them regarding their thoughts. I know you are suffering and I am not putting you down for that. It's just that the cause behind your anxiety is iffy. (especially if you were never anxious before)

  • i use to be anxious before when i use to smoke sometimes my heart would race and sometimes and sometimes the weed would have me calm and relaxed but i dont know probably is my system that got messed up or something

  • Johnnie1234, you could set a team of psychiatrists to work for a year and they probably wouldn't come up with any answers. I don't know how long you smoked the weed but you can't do anything about that now, it's done. But may I suggest that your regular daily reports on this forum indicate too much introspection, too much continually testing yourself, it has reached the stage of becoming obsessive. And those things produce the fear that your tired nerves need to remain sensitive and keep you in a state of anxiety.

    I'm not suggesting you try and forget about these symptoms, that wouldn't help, I'm not even saying you should 'put up' with them. Acknowledge their presence and accept them for the present, I'm sure you've heard that before. Just accept, accept, accept and utterly accept them. Because when you're accepting you can't be generating more fear.

    So maybe the time has come for less reporting of your symptoms and more news about the progress you are making through self help, more positivity perhaps, and tell us about how you are taking control of your recovery.

  • Very good advise we could all feel negative if we are having a bad day !!!! But I'm with you on this think positive, let the thoughts come and don't let them worry you remember they are just thoughts ! I was feeling a bit tense today in my shoulders and neck so i started some gentle exercises rotating my shoulders gently and saying to myself as I did them come on girl loosen them muscles and I was able to laugh at myself.before I learned to accept these feelings/thoughts i would of been thinking Why is this happening why am i feeling so tense etc etc.and only add to my anxiety. Not now I just let it wash over me and move on.

  • yeahh but im not thinking about anything that i know of all these physical stmpthoms that just hits me out of no where and its like i have really bad nerves

  • That's what anxiety is johnnie1234 it gives you all these symptoms out of the blue ,one minute your feeling fine the next heart racing ,feeling scared,sweating,headaches,chest pains the list goes on.but you will get better just accept each symptom the doctor has told you its anxiety please belive him or her.

  • That's exactly the right thing to do, Jessie, you've got the idea. Stick to it and in the fullness of time your recovery will come.

  • i smoked weed for 2 or 3 years sometimes when i use to smoke i would be a bit panicky and my heart use to race fast but it use to go away and sometimes the weed had me really relaxed chill but around thanksgiving Like around November i smoked with my friend he was calm but i couldnt calm down i was going nuts my heart was go super fast i was walking back fourth aswell when i got out his car it was scary only way i calm down was by throwing up but after i threw up i was shaking a bit but it calm down then i decided to go get a drink the same night with my friend and when i drank one cup my heart started racing again so i had to leave after that one day to the bad reaction to the weed its like i been stuck this way for six months all types of physical sympthoms i never experinced before my heart racing mostly everyday i was going back and fourth to hospitals mean while i stoped smoking ever sense that happen to me and its still happening with out even smoking and drinking at all i seen docters cardiologist nerologist ER plenty of times but still cant find was really wrong its like my heart starts beating hard and fast and sometimes really fast it all starts coming from my throat like the thyriod or something is wrong that has my body out of control like saying somthing is wrong but i just cant find out what is it and i dont wanna die honestly then it be to late just because that day i been messed up for six months im 20 years old trying to move on with my life and have joy but i just cant this is a daily thing every day is something.

  • Did you tell the doctor/hospital you had smoked weed ? Was you honest with them ? Because they need to know what you have taken .hope you feel better soon .

  • yeah i told them but didnt really take serious they check everything then say probablity i have anxiety because everything is normal they had said

  • Hard though it is, Johnnie, accept the symptoms, the doctors have said you're physically o.k., so accept and stop generating the fear your anxiety thrives on and you will recapture your quiet mind and life will be a joy once more.

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