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Soo i went out i didnt get no type of sythoms i was good enjoying the weather feels good i came home starting feeling symthoms again trying not to pay no mind to nun of this anymore if not it would drive me crazy soo im trying my best and everyone should aswell but i have a question so the symthoms i got them when i got home so i layed down in bed to watch some tv and i feel like i was going to choke or like a jumpy feeling like i cant breathing or like my heart stop or something also a dry cough it scared me aint going to lie thought i was going to die should i be concern with this have one got that feeling before and sense it did it the firdt time it scared me then it happen twice it scared me again like i couldnt breath and jumped like my body stop work and my heart stoped i got so scared i started to breathing in out have anyone got this before ?


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  • Do you feel heartburn or acid or anything along with it? It could be that you're paying yourself too much attention. The same things happens to me, especially when I focus on my breathing and it causes me to tense up, and then I feel like my heart stopped. I even feel it when I get real tired, it's like my anxiety goes through the the roof.

  • Mines just happens out of no where and sometimes i say i havent felt nothing all day thats wierrd then it happens i dont get this stuff but my heart feels wierd

  • Hello again Johnnie,

    I know you have a difficult time with worrying about your body and how you are feeling, and not knowing what you feel you should worry about, and so on. Think you and Icommincated about all this previously.

    Just trying to reassure you that there is no instant fix for any of this, and you have a doctor you trust. Don't remember if you have mentioned a therapist, and if you do, print out several of your posted messages for the therapist to read. If you don't have a therapist, perhaps now is the time for you to consider getting one.

    Your posts are written in a way that shows just how anxious and nervous you are. A therapist who reads them may be able to better understand you, rather than you trying to verbalize everything on your mind.....and that could also save some precious time in a session to address your concerns. :)

    We're here for you if you need to vent. Hang in, don't give up. Lets us know about the therapist situation if you feel like sharing that.

  • yeah thank you i will and i soppost to go to like a group every tuesday i barely go its to show me how to relax a therapist

  • Oh, Johnnie......bless your pea-pickin' heart. You have the tools to help you and you're not using them. Please go to the relaxation group.

    My,my,my goodness. :)

  • yeah should i take the meds i have paxil but idk i hate those type of meds plus its like ama have to continue taking them

  • Ok, Johnnie, you have the "tools" to help you, but you keep coming up with reasons not to use them. Duhhh.....

    You're not stupid, just do what you know are tools to help you, but it's up to you to use those tools "even if you just don't like them".We care about you and willing to listen any time you want. We want you to succeed, to be better.....and you will be if you use those tools.

    But we can't spoon feed those meds and attendance at the relaxation classes....It's just not possible to do that through the screen of a computer! LOL :)

  • Lol yeah if i take them how would ever get them off them thats the thing

  • Johnnie, you're doing it again.Finding an excuse not to use the tools you were given to get better,

    If and when it is time to stop taking any med, under a doctor's care, it can be done. Concern yourself about that when that time comes in the future.

    Focus on the here and now and take the medication if that's one of the tools the doctor gave you for you to help yourself.

    OK? Ok. Please stop being your own worst enemy in the fight to get better.

    I'm cheering for you!

    Can't you see my pom poms waiving in the air with a sign tat reads "GO JOHNNIE!" :)

  • yeah may i ask my hesrt feeling like is besting slow snd i have shortness of breath like itd hsving troublie besting like it beating hard and slow im trying gk go to sleep i cant doe my heart id worrying me and feeling shaky and jumpy like it takes my breath away then comes back

  • Johnnie, I am having difficulty deciphering your message. There are a great deal of misspelled words and a few punctuation marks missing. I have read it three times, but don't really know what you are saying. Could you slow down and try to retype your message?

  • You slowly stop taking them when your body desensitize. Take the meds see a therapist

  • yeah i will try them

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