so im at the beach i dont know if i should leave or stay

i was lying down getting a tan and my heart for some reason just jumped on my chest like a spasm or something in my heart that made me a little scared and im around friends aswell its scarying me a little bit like something really wrong with my heart can i can get some advise what should i do i saw cardiologist about three or 4 months ago they said everything is fine and i got appoint ment this up coming up monday im scared right now a bit my heart is worrying me


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  • If you went to see a cardiologist for your heart and they said everything is fine, then odds are very good it's just your anxiety. Sometimes my heart starts pounding for no apparent reason when I'm lying in bed trying to sleep, but nothing comes of it. Try to relax and take deep breaths and focus on calming thoughts. Leaving is avoidance behavior-- it basically rewards your anxiety for flaring up, and if you reward it, it's just going to flare up again the next time you go to the beach, and might get even worse.

    The best thing you can do for yourself right now is just accept that the unpleasant thoughts and feelings are happening and try to wait them out. Take comfort in the knowledge that you're around friends who will most likely take action in the unlikely event that something happens to you. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  • yeah im feeling a bit better

  • Johnnie, make sure you put on some sunscreen, drink a lot of water and enjoy being with your friends. You will be okay. Staying hydrated will help with the heart palps.

  • you think so im alright that nothing going to happen with my heart

  • Your heart will be fine. How lucky you are to be at the beach on a nice summer day. While you are tanning, try doing some deep breathing as you hear the water hitting the shore. You are okay Johnnie...

  • Just a palpitation, you're all good and enjoy your time w your friends!

  • but it felt like it moved like a jumped like a spasm when my heart was beating it worried me a bit

  • I've had that myself, it is not harmful.

  • Yup, like it jumped up in your throat. Mine makes me feel short of breath and sometimes lightheaded

  • Hi Johnnie, I hope the rest of the day got better and you got a nice tan. :)

  • yeah i did but for some reason i got a cough and hiccups aswell its getting me worried aswell im thinking probably its a nerve or something thats making this happen

  • Try not to worry about something as natural as a cough or hiccups...You are putting too much energy into worrying about bodily symptoms that it's causing you to be continually anxious. You're young Johnnie, you've got that going for you big time. :)

  • yeah i know its just after that day of smoking i dont know i feel like something is really wrong with me you know

  • I know Johnnie, something changed that day of smoking weed. Somehow it brought on anxiety. The thing is, what you experience is the same as the rest of us who haven't smoked. So the symptoms of anxiety are the same but possibly the reason isn't. I don't know. I don't know anything about the effects of pot and the brain.

    I wouldn't think that you need to deal with it any differently then all of us who have anxiety. Acceptance, meditation, deep breathing etc should all work the same in alleviating or reducing the symptoms.

  • yeahh hopefully i get better soon

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