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really anxious about this.


i was told ive got a sexual transmitted infection, they've given me antibiotics for it, but i had to have a blood test because they arent sure which it is yet, it doesnt have anything to do with HIV but im really scared i have that because since i was told this yesterday alot of my muscles ache along with alot of random pains everywhere. my neck is aching alot at the moment.. and i know thats a symptom of hiv. i also dont feel that well from time to time. i dont know its really bothering me ): maybe its the infection doing this, or stress, but i just hope thats all it is.

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I thought it was just thrush and you were being treated?

errivbr4678778 in reply to Lm92

yeah it was thrush but then something else happened that didnt show up on the tests, i have an infection of some sort im being treated for it now though. im just scared ill have something else thats worse like hiv ):

Lm92 in reply to errivbr4678778

I doubt that it's HIV since they gave you antibiotics. Most doctors are cautious now about prescribing them because of so many bacteria becoming resistant to them, so obviously they think it's something bacterial that needs it. Since HIV is a viral infection, antibiotics would do nothing for it.

Waiting for test results is the worst. Try to find things to keep your mind busy. I was challenged by my therapist to do things to help others to keep my mind busy and to help me feel better so I've volunteered at the animal shelter, the library, a retirement home, and a few other places and it makes you feel so good. Try it.

I don't think for one minute you've got HIV but for your peace of mind ask your gp for an HIV test, I mean everything medical is free on the NHS in the UK so ask for one. There's even a chance when it comes up clear you might accept you haven't got hiv☺

oh they've tested me already along with everything else i have to wait 7 days for the resluts but he said for more reasurence i should come back after that for another test to be sure.

This will turn out fine for you but you know where you went wrong.

Do you not use condoms?

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