never ending ):

i thought thiis worry about my heart was over when i started worrying about hiv, but its back ): my hearts been beating fast all morning along with heart flutters, like the jump beats and skips, i dont know if thats because i was drinking last night or what but i feel really ill in myself aswell, all my muscles ache and i feel weak): i cant help but worry myself to death about this. its never going to stop


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  • It’s beating fast because you’re worried and anxious about it. Relax and breathe and it will slow down.

  • I'm the same way today , but mines about my lungs .

  • whats happening? its horrible i hate feeling like this

  • It won’t stop if you continuously think about it. Your mind will make it worse and worse. Just sit back and let it go through the motions. Breathe, relax, and it will pass.

  • It's all in your head. It's funny that when you thought you had HIV yoy had no hearty issue... now that there is no HIV you went to your heart. You have to start thinking of why you struggle with these issues instead of focusing on the issue itself. Once you cone to terms with that you're symptoms will go away little by little. Don't get me wrong, I struggle with anxiety every day... it's just that now I'm more in control of my thoughts. I feel bad for you because you cannot escape you're thoughts and that is the worst part.

  • This is very true. Same here. When I have stomach issues my head is fine. When I’m dizzy and headachy my stomach is fine. They never run together. I read about acceptance and practicing it. Instead of freaking out just let it come and go. It doesn’t stop it from happening but it helps it go away faster.

  • exactly!

  • Synopsis

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  • Read this book "The Worry Trick " is for ALL of you. It will help you understand the way your mind works.. and also help with the constant feeling that there is something wrong with you.

  • Added this one to my wish list also. Maybe it will help.

  • It will stop,errivbr4678778, all these symptoms will stop, the palpitations, the muscle ache, feeling ill, when you decide to change the way you look at all these symptoms of nervous sensitivity. You know they're all fake, all in the mind, so can't harm you. What you should do is to decide to get bored with all these uncomfortable symptoms and so pay them less attention, let them do they're worst you can survive any trick they try. So get bored with them and accept them and get on with your life, I'm sure you've got better things to do than sitting around frightening yourself half to death.

    I know, you really just want someone to come along and wave their wand and suddenly all the bad feelings have gone, you know that's not going to happen so accept second best: get bored with bad feelings and accept them. And do ask your doctir foe some one to one talking therapy.

  • its just really hard ):

  • You're doing fine, you were even giving advice to someone with palps the other day. You're just suffering from high anxiety like so many people here. Anxiety just hangs around saying what tricks shall we play next? I know lets give this woman headachesand make her think she's got a brain tumour. Or theysay lets give this dude chest pains so he thinks he's having a heart attack. Or let's make this guy's heart miss beats so he thinks he's dying.

    Sooner or later, Elliot, you will see through anxiety's nadty little tricks. You will get bored with them, bored with spending so much time worrying about them and getting nowhere.

    So accept all these symptoms for the time being and don't keep feeding them with fear. You aren't going to feel this way forever, I promise you,

  • Those skipped beats feel awful. I get those too. Guess what makes them worse...worrying! Lucky us hahaha have had your heart checked out? If so and all good, remember how resilient that thing is! Eat a healthy diet and get a little movement

  • And always think back on the other times you thought we're going to be your last days but then weren't. I've "almost died" of so many health issues that I never even had thanks to anxiety. It's almost humorous for me to look back on some of the things I thought I had but trust that I know how miserable it is and how it consumes everything you do.

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