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Is it bad for me to push my anxiety thoughts to the side and try to ignore them? Cause I feel like when I do that.. they hit me in the future way harder. But even if I dont ignore them.. what do I do? I take my medication, I go to therapy but I'm always told the same thing about what I'm worried about. So like idk how to stop these thoughts. If you read my last posts, you'll know what my main anxiety is. It's something that can't be changed. And I get frustrated when people tell me, "If it can be changed.. why worry?" Well I worry, cause it can't be changed! Idk. A lot of people's replies to my posts give me relief and reassurance for a day but then after the thoughts come back and im either ignoring them or drowning in them. Idk what to do? Im scared of my life and future.


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  • Alexis, don't ignore your thoughts, you have to face them but attach less importance to them, and most important of all you must accept them for the time being otherwise you generate fear which maintains your nervous system in its sensitised state. That's how it works. You are allowed to have strange thoughts, they are harmless, unless you start to stress about them.

    You must also accept that which cannot be changed and concentrate your energy on those things that can be changed.

  • Im trying! Im in a constant battle with myself

  • Alexis, battling is no good because it creates more stress and tension and right now your over sensitised nervous system needs less stress not more. You have to do the opposite and accept your symptoms for the time being, accept them utterly. Then you create less stress and your nerves recover. That's the story. So there are three things you must do, things that have allowed tens of thousands to recover in the past 50 years, I'm surprised you haven't come across it. The three things you have to do are accept, accept and accept.

  • Okay! Thank you for the advice. I'm gonna try

  • I'm the same ive suffered anxiety/depression for years.the very things I suffered can never be fixed or healed and kept me down for years.recently ive started distraction tactics to stem the thoughts and it works sometime.depending on how deep my thoughts are but worth trying it.

  • I'll try anything. Thank you

  • may be this post will help you find another strategy


  • Im gonna try that. THANK YOU

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