Intrusive thoughts help

I'm struggling so much with my intrusive thoughts. It's all centred around the same thing. My mind keeps making me question if I really do feel this way and if it's not really intrusive thoughts. But they make me sick and I worry so much that they wont go away. It's all I can think about, it is making my life a misery. I feel like I shouldn't be able to enjoy life because of these thoughts. Every time I feel a bit happy, the thoughts tell me that I shouldn't be happy because I'm a horrible person! I am trying so much to just let the thoughts be there and not interact with them, but it is so difficult. I can't take this and I feel like it will never go away. I feel depressed all the time


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  • It sounds like level 8 anxiety that leads to panic....but two things I know as categorical facts, is leave the content of your mind Aline as besttttt you can...raw distraction, do a word ap, with YouTube running and the t.v. on..four distractions type gig....your anxiety got way too much fuel. Relax your mind as much as humanly possible buddy. Trust all of us who have and continually go through this like you

  • Are you going to therapy?

  • no

  • Don't know if this post might help

    sounds like you are trying to use a bit of mindfulness and accept the thoughts as thoughts but it isn't quite working so may be trying to find another way of acknowledging the thoughts - I can't quite figure out what your brain is trying to warn you about - may be it is reflecting back on how you feel when everyone around you is happy and you aren't and feeling left out - so it might be a warning not to get so wrapped up in feeling good that you forget about the feelings of others ... so if it was that then you change the reaction to thanking your brain for the reminder that others could be feeling out - tell it that it isn't the case at the moment and then you can move on. That is just a suggestion which will make more sense when you read the post - you can only figure out what is behind the loop for yourself though.

  • can u tell me what mindfulness is please 😊

  • it is a particular meditative practice that promotes self awareness and an understanding that a) thoughts come and go and we can't change that but we can change the way we react to them b) we are not our thoughts - we are much more than that ... its a lot more than that as well.

  • Is it possible that the thoughts are your subconscious telling something needs to change?

    I say this because we are told to distract our thoughts or try to ignore them. But what is it really telling you? Ask your subconscious what the wants. Have a conversation with yourself.

  • glitterangel,ur not alone I also have intrusive thoughts and I got c.b.t therapy and she helped me understand that alot of people get this and that fact that ur so digustes with them shows that it really isn't u and ur not abad person I no ur not,try to distract urself and think of something nice u like music 🎶 what ever u like doing or enjoy or think of self in beautiful place like a beach it will help u u could also right things down just for urself u dnt need to show it to anyone.the fact ur getting so anxious is giving the thoughts so much power which becomes a vicious cycle I will be ok😊 get some counciling to help u goodluck🍀hope you feel better😊pam

  • I also have thougths to witch mine is that am going to die all the time hope u get better

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