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Pushing yourself too hard

Morning everyone I've been reading a few posts about those wishing anxiety would just disappear having had the same thoughts I just want to say,having battled gad for nearly 4 years I know how scary and at times depressing anxiety can be but I've learnt not to push myself too hard meaning don't look ahead don't think I want to be medication free you are actually putting yourself under more stress for the anxiety to cling on to.dont get me wrong I went through the same thoughts but I've changed my outlook anxiety lives with me I don't live with anxiety,I take a day at a time if I'm meant to be med free the time will be right but the more pressure I put on myself the more I struggle,I went from being scared to leave my house to now working in a school and no one is aware of my daily struggle because I won't let anxiety control every aspect of my is too short so live for today and don't worry about what tomorrow brings.x

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So true Lynne 75 it is the resistance that keeps anxiety there I am reading books on all this at the moment and there is a simple truth in the middle of it all which means stop fighting and it works, got myself out of a 2 yr breakdown many many years ago by being like this. and it came back on and off over my life at first the anxiety will hit as it always does but I take my time and when the first hit is over I slowly remind myself not to resist the feelings and thoughts and instead they become my friends :) Good for you


I'm so pleased you've found a way of coping when anxiety strikes at the start I was so scared that my whole body ached from being so tense,I found to just go with it and put myself in situations that scare me,yes I'm struggling but like my hypnotherapist said the more you do the same thing over and over again your anxiety levels drop,I found this so true I use to be ill getting on a bus even with company,now I can get on a bus without that horrible feeling and if I get a little anxious I count in my head it's all about distracting yourself easier said than done I know,I've just bought a book by Carl Vernon called anxiety rebalance I've read good reviews so that might shine some light on this horrible illness.x

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I bought this book yesterday after seeing this post Lynne and I must say I am finding it good :) 


Is it in layman's lamguage?


yes very much so :)


I haven't started it yet pat9 but I've read good reviews about it X 


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