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Hi. It's me again. I've had a few good days, my appetite is slowly coming back. But I still have the constant thoughts that are giving me anxiety. I can't stop them. Even if I keep busy. It's so frustrating. Im taking my medication, im seeing my therapist but I really feel these thoughts are gonna keep coming. Im just really fearful of being an adult. I know im barely 18, i shouldnt really be worrying yet but i am and I feel like every year I age, im just gonna freak out which freaks me out more. Sometimes I'll accept it but then sometimes im back in the vicious cycle and terrified of the future. I want this to stop. I wanna be normal and be able to accept change. Cause this is no way to live. The world is a scary place right now and Im just looking for comfort and reassurance. I want to like rewire my brain. Idk how many times I've written posts similar to this but I just cant find what's going to make this stop.

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Hi what medication do you take ?

Im taking Zoloft and xanax for anxiety attacks

Hi I've never had xanax I take diazepam 2 mg when my anxiety is really the xanax calm you down or just take the edge of the anxiety

They do but sometimes not enough if a panic attack is really bad

Hi you will get help with your anxiety and you will get better but it takes time you have to let the healing process take place and learn to accept the symptoms without fear.its not easy I know but with practise and CBT treatment I started to enjoy my life again .when I was your age I take had very severe anxiety and there was no help available ,today it is recognised and there are several methods you can try.take what help is available.

Thank You so much

Hi there. I feel the same. My fear is different but it's always there. It's been a while for me now - 9 months and it's calmed down a lot to what it was. The hardest part for me is accepting the weird thoughts. But it is much improved to even a month ago. Mornings are always the worst. You will get better. It just takes time. Keep on keeping on!!

Thank you so much! We can get thru this <3

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