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Normal for anxiety or just me?

I have generalized anxiety i just need to know are these thoughts/ symptoms normal?


1. I worry about getting through the day, the thought of what will i do today worries me!

2. If i think about what ill do tonight i get thoughts like will i be okay then what if something happens and im not in bed tonight?

3. I worry about my health, and if ill have a heart attack or something im not overweight but i think if i eat this chocolate or pizza thats it! Its horrible!


My newest symptom is shaking and twitches i feel weird sensations in random parts of my body if i ignore it its gone in seconds if i worry it stays?

But also what causes chest pains, aches, headaches and blurred vision

Sorry for huge story but i need reassurance ir past experiences?xx

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Hi PinkCookie.

Everything you describe can be attributed to anxiety,I know it sounds silly but its true.There is no need to apologise that is why we are here,to listen and help when we can.

Kenny xxx

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Thankyou Kenny! Xx


HI Pink x That sounds like general anxiety symptoms to me, and your not alone in some of them. I used to worry about what each day brings and now I think what's the point as i cannot say what they will bring, just as we don't really know anything for sure x Bedtime can bring worries but I tend to write in a diary all of the worries of the day and then I tell myself that I cannot do any more about them so its no good replaying them x Its easy to worry about health in general and the odd it of pizza never hurt anyone x The risk of heart probs depend on far more than what you eat x Twitches can happen as its the nerves being flared up with anxiety and then relaxing so twitching x If you ignore it, its still there, its just that you are relaxed so taking no notice xx All of the other pains are cause by the body pumping adrenalin around your body and your body preparing to fight or flee, it will happen but the more you learn to relax and go with it the less it will worry you x Donver

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Thankyou so much was so reassuring! And imformative!xx


Hi PINKCOOKIE* I have suffered from anxiety/panic disorders for about 10 mnths now* i ended up in the hospital about 8 times in the first 2 months i did the worst thing you can ever do when you have a weird symptom i googled every single one of them and i would start panicking evem more* EVERYTHING you describe is due to anxiety dont let it get you down i know you might be thinking yeah it's easy for you to say but i can assure you that every single symptom you have can be dismissed as long as you learn hiw to relax and calm yourself down* i usually take long baths drink chamomile tea watch cartoons whatever makes me feel better* talking helps to* :) have a great day * joAnn


Thankyou! Yeah i find myself googling things makes it worse :(xx


When I was having a bad time once I had a Billy Connolly marathon on DVD followed by a vicar of dibley box set marathon. Laughter is a great help and has got me through many a bad time choose your favourite comedy and try to concentrate on nothing else. It's just one of my little ways to occupying the mind

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Thankyou! Will try it xx


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