Something has got to give !!!

I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I'm dying! I can't eat I have to force myself this is the worst thing I have been through in my life . I'm going to do an ultrasound of my gallbladder today but I'm afraid they will see something else. I'm convinced I have some sort of illness ever since I got what they called an infection in my small intestine. My doctors are not concerned and do not believe further tests need to be done . I'm so sick of waking up with anxiety and also having it wake me up . Even when I not anxious I feel like I can't eat . I have lost weight. Everyone keeps saying I'm doing this to myself. I have also developed a cough . I can't take much more of this !!! Why am I so set on this ? My heart beats fast , dry mouth, cough, tender stomach, burning feeling in my stomach , I'm shaking last night I had pains in both legs. My hands are so sweaty. And I wondering if I will be able to eat today. Sometimes I even feel nauseous. God I wish to be free !


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  • bless you your not alone, were all here for each other, I know it's hard I'm having a low day today, but if I can help someone else I will feel that little bit better,just try to eat little and often until you build your appetite back up eat light foods so you don't fill sick,and I think it's the illness that makes us think we have other things wrong with us,anxiety is a strange illness I get that cough sometimes and I try to be sick and it burns my throat but I know this is the anxiety playing a big part of it,take care sweetie and let me know how your ultrasound goes,and if you need to talk I'm here xx

  • Thanks so much . I'm currently crying my eyes out .

  • Bless you sometimes it does help to have a good cry, are you on any medication for your anxiety? And do you have anyone you can talk to at home? I do hope you get your results soon as that will be a little bit of a weight off of your mind, sending hugs your way xx

  • Just got done ! She told me everything looked good ! She said there was no way she would let me leave if she thought other wise . Of course the gal stones are still there but that's about it . I believe god sent me to her because she to suffered with health anxiety.

  • She also told me the stones weren't bothering anything.

  • Bless you I'm pleased you have that sorted out, that's one thing off your mind and it helps to talk to someone that has been through the same as you.i to believe god does test us sometimes, and I think to myself surely things can only get better take care and I'm here if you need me.xx

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