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Lump in throat sensation

For the past month I have had a horrible sensation of a tightening in my throat which sometimes feels like I have something stuck in my throat. I have been to about 6 different doctors and even went to the ER one night. Every one of these doctors has told me that my throat is perfectly clear, and looks completely healthy! None of them even gave me medication, just sent me home. The feeling comes and goes but some days are worse then others and the more I panic and think about it, the worse it gets. Everyone around me thinks I'm crazy so I don't even tell anyone anymore when I am feeling it it. Please tell me if anyone of you has ever experienced this throat tightening feeling??? I hate this feeling especially since no one even believes me. My mum even says I am causing it myself. Could this be possible? I am so sick and tired of anxiety!!!!!

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No doubt your anxiety is what is causing it

I spent over a whole year with this sensation as well as indigestion , I thought I was going crazy but I had been under a lot of pressure

I went for tests they were all clear so I had to accept it was stress related and the moment I did it went , it comes back now and again but usually when I am stressed

Are you getting any support with your anxiety ? you need to speak to your Doctor about getting some because once you do you will no doubt find this sensation goes away :-)

Take Care x

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I had the lump in throat thing over December past, I had it checked and live you they found nothing, I soon realised it was stress and nothing serious and now it has gone.

It's your anxiety making you feel this, try to stop worrying about it and it will ease.

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Lee777, I was talking about this lump in the throat feeling in a posting here only a couple of days ago. I had this 20 years ago, it's called Globus Hystericus and as the name suggests it's caused by anxiety and nervous sensitisation. I went to see a specialist and they did a barium meal followed by a special x-ray and of course they found nothing. It's one of those fake symptoms sensitised nervous systems trick us with, it's nothing organic. Finding nothing was reassuring and I remember thinking 3 months later: "Whatever happened to that lump in my throat?" I'd stopped worrying about it and testing for it so it just packed its bag and left.

These things are prolonged by too much introspection. Once we come to accept them they loose the power to cause us anxiety and they cease to exist.


Currently still having this and indigestion! I went to the doctors once for this all they did was feel my throat and say i was fine . And that's good news .


I have that feeling right now,,for about 2 weeks,, trying to ignore it :)


Thank you everyone. I know I am focusing on it too much but it's as though it has completely consumed my thoughts. I feel better though knowing that I'm not alone and I am not going crazy. I even had a nurse check my ears and she said it's completely clear. Going to see the doctor about 10 times in the past month and even going to the ER and being told there is nothing wrong with my throat still does reassure me. My mind keeps thinking what if those doctors are wrong even though I know it is just the anxiety causing it. I was on anxiety meds about 2 years ago but came off them because I was doing good. Clearly not anymore. I don't understand because right now my life is going so well. I just started a new job which I love, I just bought a new car and I am feeling good. Coincidently this lump started when i started my new job and bought a new car.


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