Idk whatto do any more

I do not know what to do anymore it's not my entire day and I'm sure it's not but all the sudden I just feel really sick and I feel like throwing up I'm trying not to panic I just don't know what it is I have been feeling sick all day but I hate it when my husband works long hours at night because I know he's not here I can't even get up without feeling sick I just don't know what to do I haven't had any alcohol nor marijuana you know that can be excused but he's going to I feel so sick I was doing so good all day until 6 o'clock around there I feel like crying I feel so alone the doctor already told me that it's not my heart but it has to be something else and I hope the 19th comes by quick so I can find out what's going on with me


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  • Hi Crystal88

    You won't come to any harm due to feeling sick, I know how unpleasant this is and I know how an anxious.mind and body can easily become sensitized, you try and let time pass, just breath slowly through these unpleasant feelings, your not alone with your struggle, we're all here experiencing many overwhelming symptoms, we hear you, don't try and fight off the symptoms but rather accept them as best you can and just allow time to pass, tell yourself "yes I feel sick and scared, but I'm going to be ok" big hugs xxxx

  • I know and thank you it just feels horriable my son felt the same way too like throwing up he crying now because his throat hurts but cant describe it right i think is tonsils hurt my sick feeling is different some reason i hope my son feels better i dont care about me just him thats all

  • He may have just picked up a tummy bug? hope your both feeling better soon xxx

  • I hope thats what it is and not something better hes been complaining his head hurts really bad for like a month i need him yo get check out . Thank u friend iappreciate it. How r u doing

  • Yes if you become to worried get advice from your doctor, it's bad enough feeling unwell yourself but it makes things worse if there's two of the family unwell at same time, I'm having a slightly better day so far, but I too struggle with symptoms, this community is a great place to come and get support though, it can be comforting knowing your not alone with your fears and anxieties, xxx

  • I can relate completely, feeling sick is my worst nightmare but you won't be sick it's just your anxiety creating feelings and acid in the stomach. Do try peppermint tea and charcoal tablets- both natural remedies. Also ginger nuts are good to nibble on through the day to help prevent. Read feel the fear and do it anyway it's a great read. All the best x

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