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Pain in my lower right side.

I went to the hospital several times between December 1 st and February 28 with severe pain in my right side. At first they thought it was my appendix and I was prepped for surgery the next day the pain was gone and I was sent home. I ended up back several times and finally an ultrasound showed a cyst on my right ovary 3.5 cm long. Went back to my doctor and she is no help she says it's not causing the pain but 2 other doctors say it is. I suffer severe panic attacks,Gad, anxiety depression etc. so when I don't know why I have the pain I panic. Right now I think I'm dying I can't stop crying I'm so scared. Please any help would be appreciated.

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Oh no sorry you feeling like this, Hon. Breath in for 4 seconds hold it for 5 breath out do it till it calms you down then clear your mind. Go with what the doctors who discovered the cyst and ask what you can do for the pain.

Sending you hugs,

<3 yaz


Thanks so much! I'm just so scared.


No problem that's why many of us are here for for support :).

You have the right to be scared, hopefully they'll look in to it and you'll be feeling better in no time!


i know how it feels to be so scared,its a terrible thing,cut down on all things with caffeine,believe me it helps a lot with panic attacks,the docs will sort it for you im sure,try to calm down ,worrying never solved anything :O)


Thanks Bob I only drink water and herbal teas and no chocolate.


I agree with bob ,cut down on caffeine.

I use peppermint tea.

I woke this morning with all the symptums of anxiety, heavy arms ,legs and chest.

I am trying to fight it ,but I think im going to struggle today.


I hope you can get through the day will very little anxiety. It sure is not a fun thing to deal with.


like everyone else I just try to deal with it,

today is a free day for me ,I am not out at hospital appointments or anything,

I find it difficult trying to fill in my day, after being off work for the last 4 months, due to a road traffic accident.

Ive got past the take it easy stage !!!

But im getting there, im feeling less stressed now.

I need to get some food down me now I think.

That will set me up I think.


Sorry you are going through this and I fully understand how anxious you must be feeling . I have GAD and depression and I find beta blockers are helping a lot . I don't take them all the time just when i feel panicky and anxious . I also have found that using the power of positive thinking helps and say mantra's daily and have learned to manage my anxiety much better . It is frustrating when you are in pain and it is not being properly investigated and I know about that as I had major back surgery but suffered for two years before i even got an MRI Scan .It turned out three disc's had collapsed and the only solution was the major op that worked . Now the same thing is starting on my right side and im being sent here there and every where yet again. Maybe you should go back to the doctors who said they think the cyst is causing the pain and that is a very painful thing and tell them how you are feeling. Maybe a well woman clinic would also help . I wish you luck and try not to think the worst but don't be fobbed of either and ask for beta blockers to help with your anxiety and when you get a bad thought in your head recognize it and just say stop and think of something good instead . there is a great book by DR Joseph Murphy called "How to use the power of your subconscious mind" I highly recommend it and use many of the things in it to help with my anxiety and it has made my life so much better than before . I hope this helps .


Thanks so much I will read that book.


best book for anxiety is called self help for your nerves by claire weeks explains everything


Thanks Bob, I will find that book.


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