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Anxiety or clot??


Have been feeling like I'm not getting enough air, and I get chest pain. I have really bad anxiety and panic attacks and this new symptom comes and goes mostly when I distract my mind but right when I stop doing something it comes back. I'm scared it could be a clot in my lungs and I don't want to die that's my biggest fear :( anyone else get this?

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Hi Jessharper,

As you probably know, you aren't going to die. You don't have a blood clot in your lungs and your chest pains aren't going to hurt you in any other way. You can't get enough air because you're breathing too fast due to your old enemy, Anxiety. All of your problems are due to this enemy of yours.

Please slow your breathing down by counting your breaths in and then out more slowly than you are now breathing. You've been diagnosed with anxiety, do you have any medicine to take for it? Is it time to take it? That would help, of course.

You need to distract yourself by doing anything that takes your attention and keeps it away from anxiety. You have a lot of control over your attention and if you practice you'll get better. If you focus elsewhere and refuse to give anxiety attention you can let yourself feel better. It's amazing how that works. Exercise can help, too. It lowers anxiety. Try it if you can. I hope you feel better soon.

Thankuou, I'm not on any medication.. I'm trying therapy First. I'm terrified to sleep tonight like I'm scared my heart is going to stop in my sleep or the clot is going to kill me. I hate how much anxiety has tortured my body. I'm scared to do anything because I'm scared I'm going to die or have a panic attack. Thank you so much :)

You're welcome. Did anything help? I noticed Finding Strength told you not to feed the fear. A very wise thing to tell you.

I know therapy will help you a lot, but for now medication makes a lot of sense to me. I've been through this and if I had a choice and I were you, I'd take medication until I was much further along in therapy. Just my opinion.

Okay, I will talk to my doctor about starting an anti depressant maybe that will help me. Thank you. Therapy hasn't started much were on our 4th meeting so we're just getting into the cognitive therapy :( I hope it's just anxiety and not a clot..


I'm glad you're going to the Dr., but you have anxiety problems so wouldn't you need anti-anxiety medicine? You haven't mentioned any depressed thoughts or feelings. Do you have those, too? Unless you have those you don't need an antidepressant, or unless the Dr. wants to put you on an antidepressant that also covers anxiety. In the end, the Dr. runs the show, but you need to tell him or her if you have symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.

I didn't know there was two different pills.. I have anxiety but I'm depressed shot ym anxiety and how I can't go outside without freaking out. Like right now I feel like I can't breath so I'm freaking out.. It's stupid of me


You're not stupid. You just need to learn how to deal with anxiety. There are lots of medicines that deal with depression, anxiety and both. Often depression and anxiety occur together, but not always.

You can slow your breathing by counting slower than your current breaths. In 1...2...3.... pick the speed that slows you down some. Think about a nice scene of a place you'd like to be right now while you count. Add to the picture in your mind if you need to or want to. Let your arms and shoulders drop down...down...down...just let them sag downwards toward the floor. Now go back to your beautiful or favorite place and let it get even old friend or family member you like is there now and you run to meet her or him. You talk and catch up on make up the rest....How's your breathing? Do you need to keep counting to slow it down?

These are some ways you have control over how anxious you are. It takes work and time before you learn that you can control the fear quite a bit. I still say see a Dr. about both depression and anxiety and an appropriate medicine/s. I think people who expect you to only go to counseling are not doing you any favors. You'll suffer a lot before you feel significant relief. That's my opinion and I've been where you are now. I'd rather be wrong and see you discontinue any medicine in only a few weeks than to leave you suffer for many months to come.

I try tensing my muscles and then relaxing and exhaling at the same time.. It sometimes helps. Thank you I will go ask my doctor to see about some medications for anxiety. Thank you so much it means a lot that your willing to take time to help some stranger like me !


It's because I believe you're worth it. Once someone helped me.

I also have had anxiety attacks.I went to emergency with chest pain and shortness of breath ,thinking I was maybe having a heart attack.There was no heart problems.

I have also had an irregular heart beat,sweating and nausea.I didn't know what it was but now recognize it as anxiety.I do have a medication that I take when I feel it starting.( alprazolam)I don't take anything regularly.

I have found slowing my breathing, not checking my pulse,humming a favorite song helps me.Everyone deals with their anxiety in their own way.Good luck.I hope you can conquer this or at least deal with it😕

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