Dizziness, lightheaded and panic..!!

Hi everyone.

Im a 27 old male, father of two. I am having this problem lately and its really bothering me. It started a few months ago and it was really bad, from a headache, dizziness, blurred vision to panic attacks, and it happened really often. It got better this month and the fear or attacks (I dont know how else to call them) occur not so often as they used to, I still feel dizzy and lightheaded, pain and numbness in my neck. I did CT scan and everything was normal, I did blood tests and everything was normal, i went to the family doctor last week and he said its because of my back (spinal cord), but what I dont understand is why this fear that something bad is gonna happen, one moment i feel great, and as I am sitting in the coffee shop it just starts feeling like I am gonna pass out, lightheaded and fear or panic. If someone has the same symptoms please reply, i really need to know wth this is, Could it just be stress of unemployment, or what should I do. I cant even go ouy with my wife and kids without being worried that something might happen.

Thank you


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  • Hi Besart123, it could very well be from the stress of unemployment. That's a lot to handle when you have a family to care for. I'm glad you did see your doctor and have some tests done to rule out anything else. It's funny you mentioned a coffee shop where you start feeling these symptoms. That's where mine started. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I would literally extend my arms hanging onto the table and putting my head down. From that time on, like you, I would never know if it might happen again and so I started sitting in the corner with my back against the wall. It did help a lot. Once we have major stress in our lives, anything can trigger those feelings. From the sounds around us, to flickering lights etc. Starts with making us feel unreal and once the adrenaline kicks in, we are in for the ride. What you will need to do is train yourself in relaxation techniques including using deep belly breathing whenever you feel this might come on. In other words, stop the feeling before it takes hold. Using these techniques daily, a couple times a day will help you immensely so that when the panic starts to arise when you are out, your body will automatically start the deep breathing process to bring down the adrenaline. The people on this forum are knowledgeable in different ways to address anxiety for whatever reason prompted it. I wish you the best.

  • Thanks alot Agora, this really made me feel good. Its good to have people you can talk to and understand you. God bless you

  • these feeling i have along with alot others and curious to know to i dont what kind doctor to go to mabey if i got head scan i would feel better but it getting in away of my daily task i basically just wrote similar post

  • Desi04, I am new to this, and I am too seeking for any help I can get. I think seeing a doctor is always the best thing to do, I did the CT scan and blood tests and the results were great and i dont understand why it keeps happening. But my advise is to check with your doctor first. Good luck friend

  • i had blood work,ekg, chest xray all recent all was fine i had ct scan about 4 yrs ago only thing found was a beigned cyst i put in for open mri waiting for refferal im suffering in my head of thoughts and fear

  • i get some relief from meds or reading people have same issue and that their ok

  • It is the anxiety,try not to worry,it's horrible,more I talk to people on here better I feel,reassurance from people with same symptoms helps

  • Thanks a lot Martin, talking to people really helps alot.

  • It's understandable man, it's just anxiety and that puts irrational thoughts inside of your head, you're fine nothing will happen to you okay

  • Thank you for ur reply brother

  • It defiantly anxiety I have suffered with panic attacks for a few years now especially if I go into a restarant x I get very heady dizzy palpertations sick and then pass out x but just recently I've had bad anxiety attavks which it come every day x I just try and tell myself it won't get to me and I try and straighten myself out and try thinking posative sone days it works and some days it doesn't work x but does help coming onto this site and listening and chatting with other people and listening how others cope with this horrI'd problem anxiety x seems like someone is trying to take your life away from you x but can't let it beat us x got to be strong x

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