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Well,its been a while since Ive posted here. So i went to my psychiatrist and she told me I have GAD and depression. She is concerned about my sleep problems,but I started to sleep well. But sometimes I think I hear things,but usually they are there. Maybe because Im so scared of having schizofrenia. My problem is,whatever Im doing, in my head are people talking random stuff or saying random words. When I say people,its usually my aunt or dad. They are not talking to me,its like they are just saying things and its a bit upsetting because this normal? These mental dialogues seem to stop when I do something and I dont think about them. Has anyone had these? Please,help.


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  • I'm bipolar 1 and scitzoprinic I hear things but they are not there it's crazy i even talk to them it's a man certain days and a female certain days I hear doors slamming I been like this since I was 14

    I really hate myself I've attempted suicide many times I hate being here I even see shadows why the f me

  • Im very sorry to hear this,really. But its not related to my post. I hear things and they are always there,only I freak out and think that maybe they are not. I just have random words and phrases poping out in my mind.

  • Try ignoring the voices, since you know they are not real. You may be thinking and imagining they are talking to you. Try filling your mind with something else. Make sure you've had a thorough physical workup( i.e. blood tests) to see if there are any unbalances. A friend of mine brother was taking medicine for a medical condition and the medicine was making him think that people were after him. When he came off the medicine this hallucination stopped. Prayed that you feel better.

  • really, I dont hear people talking outside my head. Its just random things pop into my mind like "greek yougurt","impossible","tocopheryl"(aka vitamin e) and its usually in the voice of my aunt. I dont hear her outside ,its like an inner voice,like my voice,only i imagine her saying that,idk how to explain. It lessens when I am busy,actually,its not even noticeable. My friend who is a training psychologist and even my therapist told me these things are normal,like getting a song stuck into your head. And so it is. I also heard its a OCD symptom. Only that I fear having schizofrenia. Even tho everytime i hear something,actually comes from a source outside. I live in a pretty big village.

  • Trust your friend that it's normal. If you keep worrying about it, it will turn into a bigger problem for you and it shouldn't.

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