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Dizzy and feeling like yout not there?

Im always dizzy and feeling like im there but also not, it has been going on for four years and i dont know what to do anymore... I dont know what it is but it seems the most like diZZYnes, some times(not often) i get these dizzy atacks and i almost fall down but never do.. It when i drove from the airport , i had a flight and had a cold but i thought i would do no harm so in the car,, with my parents i suddenly felt zo bad and dizzy i thougt i was going to faint but i never did,,,, now it is different. Every week once its worse the othertimr i can hadel it,, i had a fee blood tests nothing, i had a MRI scan nothing, i went to a psychologist nothing,,, i dont know what to do any more so please please help me out or id you have the same issue pleas tell me thank you..

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Sorry your going through this :(

I get dizzy, almost all day every day, I trip and thankfully I haven't fallen but it's horrible.

Makes me feel like I'm not really here like I'm dreaming.

Can be anxiety, have you had your ears checked? Sinuses? It could be your eyesight is a lil off??

When I get the dizzy spells I drink water and just try to even out my breathing

Hope this helped :)



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I feel light headed and dizzy all the time too, it gets even worse when I am anxious and panicky. I've put it down to the medication im on. Most of the time i can ignore out but when I also have the ringing in my head I just wish it would do one :-)

Jules x


i have that everyday its such an awful feeling


I too am going through this at present..can't really think of a cause other than being a bit stressed. Did any of you attend doctors? Thanks


Hi Dizzybutnot,  (your name says it all in how you feel)   It sounds like to me that it started 4 years ago while driving to the airport. Since you had a cold, it most likely contributed to that dizzy feeling.  However since then, it's become chronic and has developed into a predisposed anxiety disorder.  Something you are going to have to unlearn by using relaxation/meditation/deep breathing etc.  It seems like you have started handling it better at times.  Continue with your coping techniques and use them and practice even when not anxious.  I believe you will start to be more in control and minimize the dizzy feeling and feeling bad.  It's just one other symptom of anxiety.  Mind over matter  xx


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