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Hi, I'm new to this, and it already looks like it'll be a great resource. I have been in a really bad place the past couple of months with my anxiety/panic attacks. My anxiety has been up and down since my childhood, but it's been especially bad again since around March. I'm in a new place for college though, and it has taken me forever to find the time and place to set up an appt. Hardly anywhere accepts my insurance and once I was out of school and had some time to find someplace that did, their next available appt wasn't for months. I've been getting so many panic attacks, including heart palpitations and trouble breathing. My heart scares me so much, i have issues even getting my pulse taken. My therapist suggested that I schedule an EKG but when I arrived at the appt my doctor immediately wrote it off as anxiety when I described my symptoms and said the test wouldn't be necessary. I know it's very unlikely that I do have heart problems since I'm only 19, but I feel like my body is falling apart even so. I feel so alone too, since I'm in a college town far away from any family or my old friends. I've made wonderful new friends up here, but I don't want to be a burden on them. I feel so stuck right now, and everything just feels so useless.


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  • Don't worry, everyone in your situation is going through a lot of anxiety. It's your first time away from home and your experiencing what everyone does. Just take it as it comes. If it still is more than you can handle talk to the doctor again. Just keep your head up and remember this is the time of your life! Have fun and don't worry; and try learn a bit ;)

  • Thank you, Tweak! You knows it's strange, I didn't experience hardly any anxiety for most of my entire first year up here at college. It really started to come back my spring quarter, but other than that, my first year was mostly just the usual stress one would experience moving to a new place and starting college. This severe anxiety though mostly hit end of my spring quarter/summer break, which should be when I'm feeling most at ease. But that's the thing about anxiety I guess, it doesn't matter if you're stressed or not, it will just hit you sometimes.

  • I agree it is very strange. If it makes you feel better I have a heart murmur that my doctor makes a big deal about. I've had it since I was a wee little baby ( I'm English lol ) I think of anxiety as a clay or Lego type thing. Depending on how you deal with it depends on how it builds. If you can take deep breaths and control it you can build a good relationship with it. Just take it as it comes and do you best to build a good friendship with the anxiety you have. Hope this insight I've given helps you!

  • Thank you so much, that does help. I definitely tend to start to get anxious and then build it into a much bigger monster. So glad I found this forum, best of luck to you xx

  • Hi audlee!

    I can totally see where you're coming from I'm also 19 and am starting my second year of college and feel like I have a very rapid heartbeat and the feeling of it popping out of my chest all the time, especially when I wake up due to anxiety.

    Apparently it's caused by adrenaline due to stress or, (you guessed it) anxiety which can also cause symptoms including nausea and feeling like you have a heavy foggy head/headaches which I experience all the time.

    Ik it sounds obvious but controlling your breathing especially during stressful situations can help (from my experience) along with maybe meditation or yoga! I haven't tried those out yet but I'll let you know if it helps!

  • Thank you! That helps a lot. I think just recognizing the physical symptoms as anxiety is a good first step because when you start thinking they're something worse, it just causes more anxiety. I was into yoga for a couple years throughout high school, but I haven't been able to find time for classes or a club so far in college. I think I'll try it at home though, because it definitely helped while I was doing it! Best wishes xx

  • Hi! Welcome to the club, Anxiety is crazy and a huge life controller, but this place is awesome for resources and support!

    First off,

    I really would not dismiss your palpitations and chop it up to just anxiety. I was 17 when i first had the feeling and dismissed it as well only to have a aortic dissection later on in life only finding out that i had afib before the incident. Anxiety also has its hand in this due to increasing heart rate and bp. You can't dismiss what Your body is telling you, your mind filled with Anxiety will not let you. You need to know even if nothing is wrong to keep anxiety in check. Years later with knowing what I know now I live a pretty normal life with Anxiety and afib. I can cope faster and recover faster due to the education. It used to take close to a month after a afib episode for me to rid the anxiety with it just to walk in a store or do more than 10 minutes of exercise. Yoga and meditation really help along with night sleep affirmations. The biggest help I've had was 2 things.

    Wim hoff method- deep breathing and helping oxygen levels reach the brain.

    Second is, you Will never feel good unless you pretend to be. Be what you want to be and it will happen. Your mind is amazing and has control how your body feels! Think of a time you felt best like after a good workout or run or long hike etc. Picture this first thing in the morning and tell yourself you just did it. Start your day remembering how great you can feel. Then throughout the day picture yourself doing those things while working and or school. Positive thoughts are a must!

    I hope this helps and would love to hear your progress! Keep us posted!

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